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Well, if we compute unemployment numbers the way every other pres besides this one has, we would be 3rd behind Spain and Greece. Yay for us.

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I guess that this is supposed to make us feel better. If they would count the people that ran out of unemployment and somehow got on the disability roles in the last four years (5.4 million) then we would be #1. It is a mystery how in the last four years it got pretty easy to get on disability. Could there be someone in the federal govt. that had made this change to make the numbers look good for Obama. Keep in mind that BEFORE this our Social Security was short on funds and this will not help. And that does not count Welfare. We need to reverse Clintons NAFTA

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I guess their business model (and Obama's) in these countries is not working...big government and lots of entitlements = high unemployment. We are unfortunately being led in that direction by all the power-addicts in Congress that have found out they can get re-elected if they just give out more and more freebies to the unproductive.

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If they reported the real unemployment numbers we would be much higher up the list. lamestream media like the huff post will never tell the truth as long as a dem is in office

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Welcome, Gary!

The bureau only counts unemployed as those getting unemplyment money. Those people who have run out of unemployment and those who have just given up are not counted in the official numbers. If you could gather a count on those people too our numbers would be much higher.

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Politically, we are in uncharted territory with our current President. He is a silver-tongued socialist, whose elitist ideology is emotionally empowered by his racial roots. He has effectively leveraged this status into the ability to abuse the power of the U.S. Presidency to CONVERT America into a country very different from one the Constitution allows. Clear evidence shows Obama’s disdain for the Constitution. How then could he be elected President? Simple answer is that he was voted in. Obama continues to lead the U.S. into a thorough financial collapse that will leave him virtually unstoppable in his assault on the Constitution. Half (or more) gun owners will not fight, if it means they lose their union jobs, medical care, and other necessities Obama ALREADY controls. The next thing to watch for is Obama's 3rd term. Sadly for America, the Constitution places ultimate authority with the “free” people it is designed to protect. Freedom is very powerful. If you’re not careful, you may be “free” enough to destroy your own freedom. Just like Esau traded his birth right for a bowl of stew in Genesis, Americans have traded our freedom for cell phones, food stamps, and class envy.

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Well - I am hoping after the election in 2014 there will be at least a 50% unemployment in the Congress. I hope the voters remember this DO NOTHING CONGRESS and vote in new people.

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1 reply to waj5432's comment

I think its the "do nothing senate" considering Congress is the only legislative branch that passed a budget in 4 years.

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Just wait until this obamacare tax kicks in which is nothing but more give aways for the takers that will be the illegals that will be in line for welfare checks and ebt cards in exchange for their votes. How else does an incumbent get re elected with worse unemployment and higher deficits than he inherited.

January 28 2013 at 11:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
SCOTT !!!!!!!!

Heck that is nothing California has that much unemployment. And, If the Real Numbers were revealed. They would most likely be worse. If you would count the people that have just given up on even looking for work. But our President hasn't gone to work with the Job Committee that HE HIMSELF started in more then a year. I guess running for President was much more pressing then trying to put Americans back to work. Or, Just the fact of Changing the subject off of what problems our Country Really has. Instead he invented the War against Women. And, He constantly beat the drum beat against Rich people. I guess for him dividing the country was important so he could become President again with such a miserable record. He won't do anything to let us drill more to help the country with not only fuel independence but for our National Security. Also giving away jobs by allowing more illegal aliens a free pass into our country. I guess it is more important that they have jobs then Citizens of the United States. We aren't Europe yet but he sure is trying. Now I am just waiting for him to try to get the UN Gun Control act pushed onto the American Public.

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Those green jobs are sure working out well for Spain...

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