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If this is your opinion fine but not in a workplace that is definitely not in favor. you have the right to your opinion and the company that employed him has the right to theirs. If it were my place of employment the workers would have to adapt or be replaced by ones willing to uphold the company standards or work in an invironment more suitable to their needs.

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Holden Caufield

It's not a "rock club" .... Rocketown is a PRE-TEEN hangout where pre-pubescent kids go and play dicey, 3-chord jam band rock songs to swooning 10-year-old girls -- it's not some secret christian speakeasy. The next big show at Rocketown is Jack Hannah's traveling petting zoo menagerie - the arguments in this post aren't even from the proper perspective.

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For God''s sake please understand that GOD has a "perfect" plan and folks of all walks of life are entitled to live free of hatred and abuse. If all of the world would understand what they are fighting for and have a TRUE understanding of what it is that they are fighting for it would clear up a lot of confusion. Anti-gay folks don't understand what homosexuality is and how one may be that. Read and get educated on the subject before you hate someone for that "lifestyle"!! My uncle doesn't like my "lifestyle" and what really amazes me is that he lives several states away and saw me for less than an hour over many years time span. How would he know what my life is like at all? He has quit speaking to my Mother (his only living sibling) because she won't put up with his narrow mindness behaviour. He and his wife do NOT have children, and so most of my immediate family think that he is overly judgemental because he doesn't have children and know how it feels to support your child in whatever their proclivity or "lifestyle"!1 GOD loves him anyway.

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I think it's ironic how most homosexuals and supporters of homosexuality tell Christians that they have no right to push our beliefs on them, yet no one thinks that by asking us as Christians to just go with the flow of the world and allow gay marriage or to accept gay marriage would be to go against our personal beliefs as well. Not protesting against it might as well just be accepting it and changing the belief that homosexuality is not a sin and wrong.

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What does more harm, a guy wearing a t-shirt that you disagree with or a guy walking around with an AK-47????

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Be careful, ya'll. Some "christians" hereabouts don't like to be called out on their "un-christian" attitudes towards other HUMAN BEINGS and will flag you as "abusive" (oh my GOD!!!!).

I said christians make me vomit for their evil treatment of other humans; ie JUDGING others, and I got "flagged". I'm just soooooooooooooooooo shocked that a "christian"!!! would have THAT kind of attitude being their all loving and caring and compassionate and blah, blah, blah.

I'm just crushed, and here I was told how "godlike" christians were in their actions and thoughts.



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1 reply to Karen's comment

Wow. You really know how to label a whole religious group based on one person. Honestly, you don't know what evil treatment is until you've been in hell. If someone flagged you it was because he or she was just expressing his/her disapproval of your statement. No one ever said that Christians are perfect but since we're Christians we're working towards being perfect

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1 reply to ajnash95's comment

Hell ? .. where is this place called Hell ? Is it the 21st century ?

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Political correctness outweighs common sense for some people. If you are born homosexual you can't help it you are a biological malfunction and that is why you dont breed, you are not supposed to. Same sex marriage is just plain STUPID.

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3 replies to JIM's comment

It's ok to express your views but BEWARE if you bit the hand that FEEDS YOU!!!!

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Those who support same sex marrage also comply with the UN's Agenda 21 goals on" reproductive rights"( including sexual perversion) and population control via "social engeeniring" . On the other hand gay marriages are less likely to procreate children. In addition, with no conception means no abortions and results in supporting pro life. Interesting!

With 1/3 of the US birth population aborted since Roe vs Wade (1973) the US can now allow 55,000,000 legal and illegal imigrants to take the place of the aborted fetus's. Besides who needs or wants the potential of human conception? "Pro Choice" is a better option. We live in a throw away society and the dead fetus is efficiently recycled to the ovens and smoke stacks of an era past. Population control results in the Agenda 21 "Solution". Instead of Jews the world substitutes the human fetus. No unwanted fetus's need apply for "Right to Life status"
Sexual perversion and abortion was practiced during the Roman Empire and we all know how that period in history ended. Cause and effect can yield unpleasant consequences (FEAR) In the end Nature will have the last word. "Liberty and Justice" for all.

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All the boss had to do was ask him to wear a different shirt to work the next day nicely explaining why in a nice manner.

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1 reply to arenadood's comment

That's not how christians do things these days.

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