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just another level that worker rights are being whittled away...... remember when you could support yourself and take care of your family on one paycheck? remember when things like vacations and second homes were actual dreams that hard work and savings would provide an opportunity to make come true? remember when you got health insurance covered by your company..... not paid half by them then the other half by you or you go without insurance..... since we bought the media's corporate sponsered bullcrap on how corrupt unions are, and how all company problems are because of unions being greedy, well what they didn't want you to understand is that when unions are no longer viable in the community there is no longer any competition in wages, so corporate america will do anything it can to get rid of unions so they dont have anyone to compete with and can pay very low wages, now elect representatives that will pave the way to strip away workers rights further and without unions for folks to turn to they take what they are given and hope to have a job next month, then have those same officials move to decrease the number of folks employed by state city and federal government and you have the perfect environment for corporate america to make mad amounts of money while stripping the worker of not only wages and benefits but any sense of job security.

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I understand the fact that people might be taking advantage of it but at the same time, there are acually people who really need it and shouldn't have to be punished because of other people's stupidity. They should get the ones who always pretend their sick. Besides, I don't see whats the good in forcing sick people to work. It just gets the people around them including customers sick and the next thing you know the company willl be sued for lack of hygiene. Why would anyone want to go buy something at the store when you have sick people going around coughing on stuff. That isn't safe especially to people who are more at risk for getting it like kids and the elderly. I mean why keep sick people if they are just spreading the flu even more and getting more people sick? That's probably why the flu is still going around. Just saying...

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Some companys allow you to do work at home if you are sick, that would be a nice option to offer some workers.

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A "sick day" becomes a vacation day. It's that simple.

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Sometimes you just have to deal with this life, and that is the main problem these days. People don't want to just suck it up. It is always the "paycheck collectors" who cry foul about small businesses not wanting to bankrupt themselves by providing freebie after freebie to employees. is just not realistic. Deal with it.

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Because it's a great idea for employees, especially at a restaurant (!), to bring whatever they have to work and share it with co-workers and customers. And a heads up to Mr Sinensky...If I am at one of your restaurants and I see someone who is visibly sick working? I will get up and walk out immediately. Do not pass go, do not pay the bill for food I will not eat. Do not EVER go back.

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Lu Ann

My company had 1.5 paid sick days a month that one could accumulate. I was a one man team in an extremely overscheduled Lab, and was never given help. If I was off work (which was rare) for vacation or sick days, I would simply have to attempt to play catch up ...which was near impossible. I would work over for weeks & weeks, just to be able to take 5 days vacation.....then upon return, again be weeks and weeks behind. Our company gave freely with sick time, but actually using it, was frowned upon and used against us at year end evaluation time. We were forced because of work load, & evaluation fears to not use it....and had to work sick, thus passing our flu to the entire work force. So in actuallity, our sick time perks were NOT really perks!

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Think about're sick, you need the money to pay bills, you go to work sick, someone gets your cold while you're coughing and sneezing...maybe that someone gets really really sick. If you have to go to work sick wear a surgical mask. They are easy to wear and contain large coughs that would normally disperse in the air and infect someone else. Outside of staying home I can't think of anything else constructive.

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Private business have every right in the book to structure their own sick days paid or not, according to the way they see fit. Employees are aware of this and sign on the dotted line when hired. Free and private enterpise trumps all.

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few, if any, of the posts I read here mention the abuse of sick leave (where employees call in sick, get a paid day off, and are not sick at all). In my experience, such abuse is fairly common and employees know employers don't have the time or wherewithal to challenge a day off here and there, even if inappropriate.

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