7 Worst Bosses In 2012

worst bosses of 2012

Most working humans have experience with incompetent or fearsome or totally irrational bosses. Some of us, however, have bosses so heinous that lawyers get involved. America's Worst Bosses of 2012, by anonymous boss-rating website eBossWatch, catalogs what it sees as the country's 50 creepiest job-creators -- who have had been taken to court.

The top seven are listed below, and notably, all seven of the employees allegedly harassed are women, and all of the employers who allegedly harassed them are men (except for one, who was implicated because of comments made by her husband). The top finishers are selected and ranked by a panel of five workplace experts -- consultants, trainers, and authors -- from all the bosses named in workplace lawsuits in the last year. Check out the full list here.

7. James Schwartz

Nyesha Artiaga was a secretary at El Camino College in Torrance, Calif., when she claimed that the dean, James Schwartz, who was in his 70s, offered her money to have sex in hotel rooms, and once raped her in his locked office, ejaculating on her underwear.

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Soon after, a female administrative assistant claimed that Schwartz had subjected her to unwanted touches and kisses, and told her that he would give her negative job evaluations and even fire her if she didn't have sex with him. Schwartz denied the allegations by both women, but the college settled the two lawsuits, for $2.5 million and $750,000 respectively.

6. Susan Piel

Nadiya Williams-Boldware was a prosecutor handling misdemeanor cases for Denton County, Texas, working for Susan Piel. Piel and her husband, felony prosecutor Cary Piel, had won several high profile cases in their time. "Cary is a good trial lawyer, but he's rude and doesn't care what he says," said Williams-Boldware's attorney Bill Trantham, after his client was awarded more than $500,000 in a racial discrimination suit against the county.

Cary Piel was prosecuting a case against a black woman, when he made a racial comment in front of Williams-Boldware, who is black, referencing the Klu Klux Klan's lynching of black people. He admitted that he knew it was inappropriate at the time, and claims that he repeatedly apologized afterwards. But the apology wasn't enough; in July, the Piels and two other felony trial prosecutors were forced to resign.

5. Richard Moore

Ashley Alford worked for Atlanta-based rent-to-own furniture company Aaron's, and her boss Richard Moore allegedly made frequent comments about her appearance, groped her breasts, and snuck up behind her while she was sitting on the floor of the stockroom and hit the top of her head with his penis.

Then on one occasion, according to Alford, Moore threw her to the ground, lifted up her skirt, and held her down, while he masturbated over her, cleaning up the semen with a paper towel. In July, Alford was awarded $95 million in federal civil damages against Moore and Aaron's, but Moore was not found criminally guilty of sexual abuse.

4. Fred Beans

Cherie Santai was a service manager for the large Pennsylvania car dealership Fred Beans Hyundai, and in early 2008 told her boss Fred Beans that she was pregnant. Beans allegedly responded with "visible and obvious disgust" and told her that she would have to be demoted until she had the baby. Before that happened, however, she was forced to hire and train her temporary replacement -- a man who she says was less experienced than she.

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A few weeks before Santai's maternity leave was to start, Beans fired her, saying the service manager position was being eliminated. A few weeks later, however, Santai's male replacement began identifying himself as "Service Manager of Fred Beans Hyundai." Santai won $150,000 in her wrongful termination suit. (Beans' daughter and company vice president, Elizabeth Beans Gilbert, was also named as a defendant).

3. Trent Bertrand

Philips Entertainment Lighting originally hired KeWanda Lawson as a temporary employee at its Dallas warehouse, but within a few months she became a permanent warehouse lead. Lawson was the only female, and according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, male co-workers groped her, called her names like "bitch" and "slut," forced her to kiss them, and in one case a male colleague even exposed himself to her.

Not only did the manager, Trent Bertrand, do nothing; he allegedly took part. Since all her complaints were ignored, Lawson ended up resigning. In September the company was forced to pay $30,000.

2. Edward Globakar

Mirella Salemi was a chef and manager for Mary Ann's Mexican Restaurant in New York for five years. She was a Catholic and a lesbian, and claims that every Wednesday her boss Edward Globakar would lock the doors of the restaurant and force all employees to attend a two-hour prayer service during which Globakar and his pastor would declare homosexuality a sin. He also told Salemi on various occasons to be more "effeminate," get married, and have kids or else face eternal damnation.

Salemi says that she asked Globakar repeatedly to stop condemning her sexuality and forcing her to attend services for a religion that was not her own, but Globakar allegedly retorted that unless she changed her orientation and attended church, her job was at stake. In April, Globakar had to pay $1.6 million for discrimination against sexual orientation.

1. Timothy Young

Mary Getts Bland wanted to be a firefighter for Fairfax County, Va. During her recruitment interview, however, fire department Lt. Timothy Young allegedly asked her a series of sexually inappropriate questions, like whether she enjoyed being watched while she had sex and masturbated, and if she enjoyed sex with more than one partner.

Bland got the job, but claimed that the sexual harassment didn't end. Young allegedly continued to make inappropriate comments, such as telling her "this looks like it would hurt" while walking past with an 8-foot, metal "pike pole." Last year a jury awarded Bland $250,000, but after appeals Bland ended up settling for an undisclosed amount.

Have you ever had a horrible boss? Share your worst stories in the comments.

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Leigh Frederick

When I was in my early 20's, about a hundred years ago, I was a young nurse working in a busy physician's office. One of the residents, who was 50, catholic, married, and father to 5 children, decided he could do what he wanted to or with me. He would push me up against the wall, hold my arms down and press his disgusting self against me. When he didn't have his hands on me he was making suggestive remarks or trying to play with my hair. Everyone knew it was going on but I didn't have one person speak up to him. Not the doctors, not the other nurses, not the front office. I was on my own. Finally, even tho' he scared me and I was worried I would be fired, as he shoved me up against the wall I kneed him agrgressively in the groin. He never bothered me again. He was just a bully who backed down when challenged.

September 07 2013 at 7:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

for 30 years i worked happily as a teacher, part time administrator, and physics department problem solver.
i did this through 7 principals, even more administrative assistants,
then came a procession of more and more incompetent principals..the first one brought in with him an administrative assistant whose rigidity and ignorance created a disaster in an otherwise great school with a very dedicated and experienced staff who loved the school.
5 years later the principal moved up and this ap was named principal..
he then moved against the senior teachers who could challenge his decisions. ,
he was appointing people from the staff to jobs based on their participation in the friday afternoon drinking meeting at a local bar. he even had the dates of these events put on the school calender.
from then on he aggressively. attacked senior staff who challenged him on his dictatorial acts.
these teachers were attacked with bad observations, routinely u rating them .
an english teacher assigned a pulitzer prize runner up book was stopped from teaching that book " because it had one obscene word in it.
at the same time his hand picked stooge english department chair read aloud the poem by a minority activist with 40% obscenity in it. this poem accused the jewish population of attacking the world trade center with 2 planes.
he was u rated and transferred out.. the english chair is still there.subsequently he won the award for fighting censorship from the national english teachers organization. he was offered a better place at another school with promises that he could teach any novel he wanted
another english teacher running the best shakespeare program in the city disagreed with him once. her annual professional shakespeare company presentation to the studentss. was canceled at the last minute she was offered a great job at another school with a great home for her shakespeare program.
the experienced staff retired or transferred in droves.over 100 senior teachers including myself retired at the first possible moment. the school was staffed by young teachers with no experience
the school lost its reputation. no teacher wanted to work there.
during this time he was the defendant in about 8 sexual harassment suits by the women secretaries, teachers and a department chair.
by this time the principal was a front page story weekly in the local papers ,
by this time the powerful alumni association wanted him out to try and save the school.
eventually he was caught defrauding the city he lied t o 2 district attorneys. he was fired,.
this insult to education destroyed a great school, harmed a generation of students, and drove a dedicated staff out. we were appreciated for our skills and welcomed with open arms wherever we worked

i hope they will succeed in restoring the school to its former glory.

September 07 2013 at 3:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Petite woman boss who used her temperament to make up for her size. Would give you two responsibilities and then yell at you for not doing the one you were not working on. It was a Help center, about 8 employees, so everyone heard everything when you were "disciplined." I was required to tell a young man 20 years younger than me every time I went to the restroom. I am a sensitive person and this was hell for me. We were all yelled at for things we hadn't done or for doing things we "shouldn't" have done. I remember feeling totally helpless all day long. I knew what it was doing to my mental health, but I had a 15-year old to support and no child support. If I'd quit I would not have gotten unemployment. I went to my superiors (I was a temp) but they were afraid of losing the contract. I finally got out to a wonderful position, but as you can see, I'll never forget. And I hope I don't - makes me appreciate what I have now.

September 04 2013 at 7:29 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

I worked for a company who lets the ENTIRE management staff do whatever the hell they want. And they do NOTHING but sit in their little offices, figuring out ways to give employees who DONT kiss their asses, strokes, stressed out conditions, and heart attacks.....one guy even killed himself because of the way they treated him...but of course the company lied about it and claimed it was "family problems"....but we knew better.

September 04 2013 at 7:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The worst boss I ever had was a female who was so hateful, mostly to the women, she also would argue very loudly on the phone with her the school that her brats attended, she went up there so much they banned her from the school. You could not go up to her desk to ask a question without being looked at like you had just torched her. Trying to leave early or take a day of vacation was a nightmare, it took me 6 e-mails to get a vacation day to take my elderly mother to the dentist to have a tooth pulled.

September 04 2013 at 2:52 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

This happened in the late 60's, before Sexual Harrassment was recognized, or I certainly would have filed a lawsuit against my boss. He was a sexual pervert, with little figurines around the office, depicting frogs with genitals, screws and bolts having sex, etc. Every other word out of his mouth had something to do with sex. When I would come in on Monday mornings, the first thing he would say was, "How was your weekend? Did you get laid?" I was a single mother with two young children, so I couldn't quit. It took me two years to find another job. Occasionally I would run into him at the bank, and he'd yell out across the entire floor, "How's your sex life?" A totally disgusting individual.

September 04 2013 at 2:50 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

I worked for a company that did support for corporate lawfirms. One week we received a new client and they had a project for us that was immense, the suspense date was the following Monday at 8:00 am. Our teams were immediately put to work on the project. The usual work schedule for the teams were M-F 8am-4pm. For this project we had to extend hours from 4pm to 8pm with an extra break for dinner. By Saturday afternoon it was clear we were not going to finish the project at that rate. The VP insisted we work faster and longer hours. I clocked 40 hours from Friday to Monday morning at 7:20am when we loaded the work to be sent to the Client. I went home to get some rest, which my boss, the VP said we all deserved. At Noon that day she called asking rudely, "When are you coming back? We have a lot of work pilling up here." I said I could be there at 2 and she told me she needed me there by 12:30. It was that project that made me realize it was time to leave that company. I'm not sure, but I think that was a violation of the labor laws. I'm pretty sure I worked more than 90 hours both of those weeks. Worst part, I was salaried at that time so no over time pay for me. Bonus? No, I got written up for not performing well with them and for having a bad attitude... well, with less than 4 hours sleep every day and working double hours. Who would have a good attitude or for that matter who wouldn't make an occasional mistake. At least I can say I don't work there anymore and I am much less stressed... good bye migraines.

September 04 2013 at 2:29 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to crumpetsa's comment

It probably was a violation of labor laws. With so little control over your work, you should have been an hourly employee, not salaried, in which case you would have to be paid overtime. Too many companies get away with this trick: hire someone as a salaried employee instead of hourly just so they don't have to pay them overtime.

September 04 2013 at 3:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

when I was a little younger, I worker at a Marianne's women's store, the manager was african american and used to work in the accounting office at the main ops store in PA. I was hired when she was out due to an auto accident. like everyone else you start on the floor hanging and arranging clothes and things like that. due to the fact that I had work as an asst. manager and service desk assit, when the floating manager who worked there for several weeks decided to have me behind the desk on the register, then as the assist manager for the desk. then given a raise and became what was called head of operations for the paper work that went to home office. when the original manager returned, that was all she wrote. no matter what I did it wasn't right and I was often humiliated in front of other employees. I was white and most of the other employees were african american. I when one of my children went into crisis, I had to call out for several days. she had the assist manager call me and tell me that my job was more important than my children and that I would be back on mon. to discuss the matter. as soon as I came in we went into her office, where the district manager, assist manager and herself, so that she could fire me based on the fact that I told her my child was more important. I asked for a list of stores that petire corp. owned, this way I would not have to work at another store of theirs where the ethics of the company were not family orientated. The district manager mailed me the letter and a note asking me not to contact corporate on the matter, which I did anyway.

September 04 2013 at 2:03 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Yep! Had a bad boss who told me I needed to get f***ed and wore short skirts with no underwear. When I filed a complaint with HR, I was fied and they tried to deny my unemployment by stating I was violating company policy by running a side business during working hours. They couldn't produce proof and I eventually won my unemployment.

September 04 2013 at 1:37 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

My worst boss ever was a woman who was so unpleasant that nobody could tolerate her in the office, so she worked from home. She monitored all her employees by sending them instant messages via computer. If they did not respond immediately, of were offline, she would call them and ask where they were and what they were doing (usually, they were concentrating on reviewing long paper documents, or collaborating with colleagues). On the rare days when she did come to the office and saw an employee not at their desk, she would look all over the office for them, peering around corners and interrupting them if they were talking business with other employees. She even told me, "I'm not going to babysit you" and "you shouldn't introduce yourself in person to your colleagues." Needless to say, that job did not last long, and I later found out that I was not the first to be treated that way. The irony is, bosses like that tend to stay put, while those they bully come and go.

September 04 2013 at 1:30 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

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