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Yes, I agree it's the toughest job to be a mortician and undertaker. This job requires patience and deep understanding about the truth of death. There is no explanation why people, especially close relatives, die and where they go after death. They remain in our memories as if they are alive. However, we know my body and your body won’t be needed in our houses after we die. The good part about dying is that we will no longer feel the bodily pain we experienced when we are alive. We think we just go to another world when we die. This is true because our bodies disintegrate into dust. We should remember, before we were conceived, we did not or our bodies did exist in this globe. The problem we believe we have souls. So we create fantasies when living how our souls will be treated by God after our bodies die. Look how different religions believe. Each religion thinks their God will treat their souls better than people of other religions. Some people spend hours and hours praying and in fact brain-washing themselves about status of their souls. Surprising even really educated and intelligent people fight to defend their religious beliefs. Moslems, Christians, Catholics, Buddhists and Pagans fight one another daily because of their God. Thank God we have morticians and undertakers who make sure our bodies are no longer in our houses; but are properly and legally disposed.

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Being an undertaker would be a hard job and definitely would be difficult. You really got to hand it to the people that do this job for a living, it truly is something. They work hard every single day and they really know what they are doing. They are constantly helping people out and helping move on from their loved ones passing.
Jak Manson |

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