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Thanks to the unnecessary TSA, people are stressed to the point of breaking before even entering the planes. Then dealing with rude passengers and flight attendants adds insult to injury. Then you have your knees crushed by the person in front of you and fight over the arm rest with the person(s) next to. Woe unto them that hath must sit in the center seat. It's too much for me. I've had it and pretty much stick to teleconferences now.

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I don't think anybody has a job for fun and beiing a flite attendent is not that hard,there is a lot of ''sitting down'',
and free time between flights.If you don't like it look for another job.

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Spoken like someone who has never dealt with the public much--traveling or not.

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I am not shocked .In the wake of profit making all air lines have added more seats in the planes at the expense of passengers discomfort .The airlines do not care how they make the money as long a they do .It is nothing but the rip off .As a passenger you pay for the bags (which many years back use to be free ) ,you pay for the drink .If you weigh more you have to reserve two seats ( but they do not give you refund if you are skinny } .some air lines can also dictate what kind of clothes you can wear on the plane .I have a great suggestions for the air ports security and the airlines to save money or make more money.The airlines should require all passengers to wear hospital gowns , gowns which are open on all sides .That will be easy for the security to check and also it wll be less weight foe planes to carry giving more mileage for the planes adding it to the bottom line.They can also charge for the logos on the gowns or rent the gowns .Idea worth looking in to

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When you are flying remember that flight attendents are NOT the TSA- they did not xray you or pat you down. Flight attendents also did NOT configure the cramped seating in coach class. Flight attendents did NOT make those crappy meals- they only serve them.
Show a little respect and maybe you will get some respect in return.

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I think flight attendants have a very hard job. Serving all those box lunches and drinks makes them a glorified waitress/waiter. Dealing with the public is never easy.

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It's not a thing of beauty. It's hard work. It's not difficult work, it's mundane. The glamor is gone and your workmates are either worn out, burnt out, gay or praising God. It is a job where a moment in time will keep you from advancing your position or keeping you just ahead of the junior stiffs. Seniority is everything. Being junior is your ticket to cleaning the potties and the vomit and working on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Your boss will have a flaming ego and all airlines manage their F/A's by intimidation. You have no name as far as the company goes.. just a number your scheduler will use to fill a square thereby sending you to Beijing when your husband is expecting you in Honolulu for an overdue romantic time. You learn the pilots get everything and you, the flight attendants get ... not enough! Worst of all, in a pinch, you learn the airlines will hire 18 year old high school grads and train them in just 5 weeks, interview to on the job- as replacement Flight Attendants ... all with the blessing of the FAA ... and as if staying married is not hard enough, being a flight attendant crew member will make it more difficult. If you think your cut out for this work ... your probably are. Welcome to the family!

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Well said. Airline work is indeed hard, and the public is not aware of just how hard it is. Thankfully most airline employees have Union Representation or it would be even worse.

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Unfortunately, it really is a service related job. Not many of the service related jobs pay more than $10/hour.
I know having said that, I will hear about how the primary function is safety, but in reality the job is service to customers.
And unfortunately, like their peers in the restaurant and hotel industries they have to put up with the General Public and that can be Hell. I don't envy them!

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It's all of the above...... in an emergency, you need those flight attendants to keep the sheeple from panicking and stampeding. You may be one of those sheeple and not know it.

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Choices, choices.

December 06 2012 at 10:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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