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Annie O

Another by product of Obamas economy..........I hope all these workers think about this on election day

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Last time I checked, the Japanese don't vote in our elections unless they're Japanese-Americans. You have different information?

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Things are going so well under Obama .. why would we want to switch

" Majority of New Jobs Pay Low Wages, Study Finds " )o:

NY Times Friday August 31st,

While a majority of jobs lost during the downturn were in the middle range of wages, a majority of those added during the recovery have been low paying, according to a new report from the National Employment Law Project.

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The job creators will create higher paying jobs after you pay more in taxes. You game? But as a matter of reference, Republican legislators have consistently been against any legislation that would increase minimum wage. You guys act like this is your first time in the country. No one can possibly be that clueless.

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Gail and Rich

I just retired from being a childcare director. We hired about 10 college students in our town part time at minimum wage. Most were very happy to have a job where they could get experience (most were studying to be teachers or childcare directors, etc.) and make a little money. We worked around their school schedules so it was a win/win situation. Not that watching children wasn't the most important part, but they never did the tasks that took more knowlege of a center...the food program, billing, etc. When minimum wage went up to $7.25, we just had to increase the charges to the parents who probably were struggling more than the college students. The trouble with your thinking is that there are high school kids who want the jobs after school like my kids did. If the salary goes too high, less kids will be hired, I can almost bet. Teenagers are often the most hit by losing summer jobs, after school, etc. A higher minimum wage sounds nice, but having companies need people usually means more. When my sons gradualted from college (they are in their 30's), they were offered $5000 signing bonuses because their companies needed them. I also used to be a customer service supervisor. We could not keep people 20 years ago at $7.50 an hour because they could find higher paying jobs. What we need now is more jobs so there is competition for the employee. Few college graduates get signing bonuses because the companies have too many applications for one job.

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Rudy Quintanilla

Why would Mitt sent jobs to Japan? Because: A) His of previous record B) American workers are in the 47% C) Wealth stockholders earn more profit D) He is a Republican or E) All . Answer = F. Trick question, he would do it without being elected. He would give the USA the big F. The big phony flip-flopper.

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Ex Sony employee here. Nothing will stop the bleeding.
The company is hopelessly ensconced in an "ostrich" culture. It is not a company, it is dozens of different feifdoms that don't communicate with each other.
The customer is an afterthought. Instead of asking the world what it wants; management keeps coming up with lame-brained, half-hearted efforts to deliver something they are convinced the public needs (ala Ericcson phone,Sony MP3 player). Sony management is smug, arrogant and still thinks it is 1985, when Sony was the Apple of the day in personal entertainment. Sony has no training or matriculation for its managment, and no career path for perfomers. The worst thing to be at Sony is a middle-manager; your employment is guaranteed to be short and painful. Creativity and innovation are publicly given lip service, but the reality is that the nail that sticks out from the board gets hammered down, and quickly. Decisions are made in a reactive mode and there is no real original thought going on at Sony anymore. It's sad, because Sony had and has some very talented and bright people, and with its tech knowledge and content of music, games and movies it should be leading the world in personal and b2b services; but a fish rots from the head down; RIP Sony.

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1 reply to red's comment

The Republican plan is, and with plenty of proof to back it up, uses laying off as a method to increase profits and to balance budgets at the peril of the worker. If you're against it, say so. Where has voting against your better interest gotten you? You constantly put the blame where it shouldn't be. Obama 2012.

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Having worked in the field for 20 yrs, - it's a fools industry. Everyone competing on price instead of quality until it's all junk, with the public gobbling up the feature/benefit hoopla as if the core product quality is insignificant. This is all a function of the moves to the big box retailers, where there is limited knowledge and price pressure with the only goal being to move cartons. In my experience, buy the better product once it's a mature category, and stick with it - it will likely last. Sony got what it deserved, some good products for sure, but not many that were great. Plenty that were poor, but they still relied on the name to charge a premium.

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Me too; Motorola was the founder of six sigma; for 0 defects. Now they (Google with Motorola name) put out cheap crappy droid phones made in China that lock up and calls people by itself like mine does. Don't think about dropping it like your old phones; it will not survive. Cheap quantity is in; quality is out.

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Maybe if Mitt gets elected,he could stop these layoffs.

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2 replies to topspin360's comment

How could he stop it. SONY needs to get competitive and produce products that people can use.

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Interesting.....please share your opinion of exactly HOW he would do that?

October 19 2012 at 1:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to jhigh52's comment

He says he knows how business works,he could make a deal or something,or a tax cut.

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