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Romney is better for women.he hires more women and pays more.obama pays his female employees 18% less than male employees and the working conditions are worse,it is like an old boys club with sexism going on.Obama will not protect children.if a child manages to survive an abortion,obama voted to hot call a doctor and leave the child to die.under obama millions of women have lost jobs.more women and their failies are on welfare and food stamps.The economy is important to women and it has been dragged down and prospects for jobs are scarce and the children will start out in debt and have no chajce for a good education or jobs.he lookss at women as useful idiots who are self absorbed and easily swayed by big daddy barry ajd his empty promises,by pandering to their lady parts and women are gullible enough to drink his pap,ladies,he dont care about you,only your vote,and if you have a child with special needs do not think that obamacare will help will help your child to an early gtlrave or substandard care,just like the elderly.

November 04 2012 at 1:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sally J spent a great deal of time writing her campaign speech for Mit Romney. I applaud your ability to support such fallacies, and to organize them into pretty little paragraphs. You should have constructed a scatter plot while you were at it.

November 03 2012 at 6:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Sally J

Sorry, but these stats are significantly off. They may have been true 40 years ago, but not now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public sector jobs, and public & private healthcare comprise 18% of the total jobs held by women in the US. On the other hand, 82% are private sector jobs. So 5/6 of women's jobs in the US are private sector, and 1/6 are public sector jobs and social workers, as you named. And the 18% is an overstatement, because it includes private sector healthcare. So the statement that teaching, and other public sector jobs, are the main professions of women in the US is just not accurate. So let's go with the actual job statistics, and see how Romney measures up:

1) He values education so much that Massachusetts schools while he was Governor were ranked #1 in the nation.

2) He says good teachers are so important, that he would rather spend $9B to hire 200,000 teachers, than on Obama's choice of giving stimulus (TAXPAYER) money - to now-bankrupt companies like Solyndra.

3) He hired women as Governor whose resumes were in his "binders", so that his staff was 50% women - who loved working for him - and now are campaigning for him, irrespective of their political affiliation - Democrats, independents, and Republicans.

4) He has pledged to create 12 million jobs in the next 4 years, a huge percentage of which will be filled by women.

You are mistaken in your blame game of Romney, in regards to teachers. Why have so many teachers been laid off during Obama's presidency? Romney's not in office, so you can't blame him; nor can you blame GWB. Here are the facts: Teachers' unions - which Obama supports - have refused to renegotiate their pensions - which are strangling state economies. These costs are not sustainable. The states are bleeding financially, and many are close to insolvency or bankruptcy. So the only option left for the states to decrease the pensions is to have fewer teachers - thus, the layoffs. Many teachers are now out of work. So, most of the states under Democrat governors are on the financial cliff. Not Romney's fault, but Obama's and the liberal Democrat governors and legislatures - for supporting the unreformed unions, over the financial viability of the states. That's why conservative Republicans like Scott Walker of Wisconsin were elected.

So in reality, Romney and other conservatives will help save the economy and jobs - unlike Democrats.

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Rae Turner

You are making a lot of statements by Romney into truths. And it ain't so!!!!
although he hired women at the end of his term most of them were no longer there and most were in lower paying positions.
Romeny has a coment that IF WOMEN WERE IN BUSINES.... What??
And I heard him say teachers were not important but after he was called out on it THEN he said teacher were important.

November 03 2012 at 2:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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