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Personally this is a good thing. Any way they can reduce the peoples debt (No it is not the governments debt. It is your debt.) is high on my list of things the government should be doing.

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I worked for various US government agencies- I would say at least 1/3 of the staff could be cut---starting at the top- one place I worked 2 woman took at least 3 hours more in breaks than were allowed----everyday-----computer games - the normal---weekly doctors appointment

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poor federal workers,what makes you any different than the average worker.
you don`t think we have salary freezes and increased health care costs ( that won`t be picked up by the tax payer ) .

the federal government is no different than any other company,too many employees,not enough income ,cuts have to be made.

this is what the rest of america has to deal with every day .

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Obama has been pushing us closer to the edge of the cliff since he was allowed in The white House. Time to elect a real president. One who possesses leadership qualities. One who can at the very least, complete a sentence on his own One who Americans will not be ashamed of.......................................Vote to save America..............................BYE BYE BOBO 2012..........................................WELCOME PRESIDENT ROMNEY.

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This would only be the beginning as well. They do not address the "carry over" into the jobs of the civilian sector. All the contractors that work hand in hand with the Federal Government. There are thousands of jobs riding on this situation at companies such as Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Raytheon and many many others. People work for all kinds of companies from very very large to small who do jobs for the U.S. Armed Forces and other Federal Agencies such as building maintenance, food preparation, depo level repair work on equipment, so on and so forth. In the end, the United States economy could see a jobs loss close to 1 million total.

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Firefly Tech

Thank Obama for doubling the debt in just four years. He has taken us to the point of no return! American will never be the same. You can win a war by killing their financial system, like he is doing now.

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These are 1/2 of the add on Obumbo added to the jobs creation we did not need, These are the same 277,000 standing by the water cooler all day. It was 2or 3 years ago the president and congress got this report that we had as many as 6 agencies doing the same jobs. What ever happen, NOFT! Wake up America!

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"Kicking the can down the road?" What a simplistic and non threatening way to say "make it the next administrations problem."
Does no one see this is madness?
I do not even want to think about the time when someone will have to "pick up the can."

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I don't understand the statement "Federal workers have received little to no guidance about how to prepare for the fiscal cliff except by some of their union leaders". In the private sector I've never heard of such a thing. It's called reality, sad as it may be. I've been laid off more than once in my lifetime. I pulled up my big boy pants and hit the pavement. I didn't need to be molly coddled.

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You forgot Republican control the House and have not put Obama job bill up for a vote??? According to Moody's Analytics, Obama's Amercian Jobs Act would have created 1.9 million jobs. According to the Economic Policy Institute, Obama's American jobs Act would have saved 2.6 million jobs and protected an additional 1.6 million existing jobs. According to Macroeconomic Advisors, Obama's American Jobs Act would create 2.1 million jobs. According to Goldman Sachs, Obama's American Jobs Act would have added 1.5 % to the GDP. (My source: the Progress report, September 7, 2012.)

The Republicans blocked Obama's American Jobs Act for one reason only. They did not want Americans to get jobs; they wanted to deny Obama a second term. Once again, if the GOP can run the country, they plan to destroy it.

In addition to blocking Obama's American Jobs Act, the GOP blocked the Bring the Jobs Home Act, which would have ended tax cuts for off-shoring American jobs. They also are also refusing to extend the Production Tax Credit, which will cause thousands of lay-off's in American's emerging wind industry.

The American people need to demand immediate action from Congress. Pass Obama's jobs proposals. If the GOP balks., then let's re-hire Obama and fire the entire GOP.

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