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Where is Augusta, Georgia? Low cost of living, Ft Gordon Army Post, Largest Army Medical Center in the Southeast, VA Medical Center and Rehabilitation Center, employment in private or public sector of technology and manufactoring, and one of the best community based veteran advocacy programs...the Augusta Warrior Project.

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how did Austin make this list??? this is probably the most Anti Military , liberal town outside of Berkley California. Vets are clearly not wanted .

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Amazed to not see Colorado Springs, CO on this list. Home to five military installations and many Defense contractors, fairly low cost of living, affordable housing, world-class medical care, and low taxes...not to mention the recreational opportunities!

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I have found many buinesses in the USA VERY supportive of "Veterans". As a canadian traveller, I once checked into a Best Western; on checking in, I was asked re a varuety od memberships AMA,AARP etc. I had none of these "how about retired Veteran (from Canada)" I asked, I ptovided relevant proof and got AN INSTANT 25% discount! From that point on, I have asked throughout my travels and have been given awesome discounts, even at a Denny's in Santa Fe when my wife asked just for the heck of it because there was an offer of 20% for AARP members - we were given the same discount. After being at so many places where we were not welcome, this has been a great "gift" - many thanks to small buasiness that support troops!

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All Vets need to know this....
see youtube --- CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Can Now Speak 10 years after 9-11.
Yeah, they did it. All troops exposed to depleted uranium, and more.

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Cleveland Ohio has a lot of Vietnam Draft Dodgers in management positions and is not and has never been Vietnam Veteran friendly.

September 10 2012 at 1:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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