9 Best Places In America To Get A Raise

get a raise
For most of us, salaries have barely budged since 2009. Working Americans received an average pay hike of 2.7 percent in 2011, according to a survey by Aon Hewitt. That was offset by inflation, however, which made everything you want to buy 3 percent more expensive.

But not everybody had their purchasing power squeezed last year. In fact, in some cities, the average worker enjoyed a paycheck that was 3 percent, 4 percent or even 5 percent fatter than the year before. So the Martin Prosperity Institute scoured through Bureau of Labor Statistics data to discover what those cities were.

These aren't the nation's biggest cities. And they don't always have notably low unemployment. But for their own reasons, workers in these metro areas scored a couple extra thousand dollars of pocket money last year. In some places the average raise was close to double the national rate.

Take a look at the top nine, and then tell us: Were you satisfied with your raise last year? Are you expecting one this year?

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