How To Get A Promotion: 4 Tips

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By Heather Huhman

Last year, data gathered from LinkedIn found July to be one of the top three months for professionals to get a promotion within their company, along with January and June. There could be a variety of factors that make employers more prone to promote during these months, but it's never the wrong time to ask your boss for a promotion if you think you truly deserve it. Still, it can be nerve-wracking to approach your boss about such a tentative topic, so it's best to go into the process prepared. Check out these tips -- some based off the infographic below from WorkSimple, the social performance platform that helps individuals, teams and businesses set focuses, share social goals, get feedback and boost results -- to make sure you land the promotion you want:

1. Toot your own horn.

If you want to move up the career ladder, you've got to prove that you can handle the added responsibility a promotion offers. Ensure that you've been producing consistently good work, have been arriving to work on time, and have been working well with your colleagues. Document your accomplishments, and consider preparing a short presentation to show your boss how your work has helped the company. Be specific, and provide concrete numbers to prove that you've helped the company grow.

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2. Make friends in higher places.

If your colleagues are noticing your increased efforts to connect and learn about what they do, chances are your boss will, too. Spend more time getting to know workers in the department in which you're vying for a position. Consider taking some of your colleagues out to lunch to discuss what they do, or spend some time shadowing them. You'll get a feel for some of your new responsibilities and you'll be able to showcase your dedication.

3. Learn new skills.

Most professionals don't take a job with the intent of remaining stagnant in their position -- they intend to learn and grow at work in the hope of advancing their careers. Show your boss you haven't plateaued in the development of your skills by attending company workshops, attending and sharing relevant webinars, or taking classes.

4. Consider creating a new position.

You may be vying for a promotion because of the fancier job title or inflated salary, but the crux of a promotion lies in its added responsibilities. Consider working backwards to land your new position by creating it yourself. Try asking your boss for more responsibilities before even mentioning the word "promotion." If your boss agrees, you'll have the chance to prove yourself before suggesting a new job title or salary.

A combination of dependability, skills, experience, and consistently good work can help you to move up the career ladder. Check out a few more ways for landing that promotion in the infographic below-and good luck!

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These are some good tips! If you are hoping to promote from within, you might consider what Dr. Murdock says:
Once a month, ask your boss for 5 minutes of his time. Then ask each of these questions, and pause between
each question to wait for an answer before moving to the next one. 1) What am I doing that you want me to stop doing? 2) What am I not doing that you would like for me to start doing? 3) What would you like for me to change? And one other thought: Make a difference where you are! If you are not making a difference where you are, then why should a supervisor believe you'll make a difference in the place you want to be?

July 30 2012 at 9:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

That is funny, the only promotion at most places is walking out the door!

July 30 2012 at 9:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to toddisit's comment

Very true, If you are the right age and right ethnicity you will get promoted other wise, work on acquiring the skills you will need for your next position some where else within your present job.

July 30 2012 at 9:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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