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I completely agree with the objective! I write resumes and cover letters and we always take out the objective. In place of that we put the title of the position that you are applying to and change each time you are submitting to another position.
- 20+ years of resume and cover letter writing experience
- Clear, Concise and Professional resumes provided that get the right attention - at the fraction of the cost of our competitors.
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- Easy to follow online process

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Danielle Pepin

I disagree with leaving out objective. Some employers still expect to see it. If you are a Graphic Designer you'll want to at least specify that so they'll know for which position you are applying. Not every application is in reply to a job ad so you shouldn't assume that the employer will know by the rest of your resume what you are aiming for.

If I were going to hire someone given two resumes with near identical credentials I'd call the one with the objective first...not the one that's been left to assumption. I'd take into account that the person without objective may not be sure what they want and may end up leaving the company sooner than the one that specified what they wanted right off the bat.

If you've had so many positions say as a physician in a particular specialty and it's redundantly obvious, then and only then omit the obvious.

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