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My company has already found a way around the new Obama overtime law. I make $45000 a year as a retail manager. Some weeks I worked 40 hours, some 60. My pay was always the same. My check stub said 40 hours though. If I worked 7 days I got nothing extra. If I only worked 4, I would be docked a days pay, $45000 = $865 a week =$173 a day. Now they have taken my wage and divided it up so I now have to work 50 hours a week for this pay. 40 hours at a rate of $15.16 an hour and then $22.74 for the remaining 10 hours. My pay was dropped by $6.46 and hour (based on their 40 hour week from before) If I go over those 50 hours I must "remove it" from the following week or face reprimand. They also sent out a sheet stating that we are not guaranteed 50 hours a week , that can be stopped at any time. I am now taxed at a higher overtime rate and lose $40 a week to higher taxes. If I do not work my 50 hours I lose $22.74 an hour down to 40. Wow ... Does this idiot Obama think that he is helping the working class? Of course this is the reason that the company gave as to why they are doing this, Obama care and his new law. It's bad enough I have to ring up dirtbags all day long that buy Red Bull and Monster drinks with their food stamps and then turn around and buy $30 scratch lottery , beer and cigs with their cash.My tax dollars are so hard at work..... Yes, I am looking for another job, but in the end I am afraid this will be what is happening everywhere. I am one of the higher paid ones too, we now have managers making less an hour than their assistants. No wonder 6 months ago they were "worried" that the managers were working so hard and wanted us to get extra assistants trained..........we were suppose to train our replacements for when they dropped this bomb on us. Thanks Circle K, you have proved to be the trashy company that I was always told that you were.

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All the laws are for the employer....not the employee. As many people say....if you do'nt like the job.....leave.

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In fact, another practice I suspect is common, is simply dramatically increasing the workload of salaried employees, who know and believe they MUST complete all work assigned regardless of staffing.

I work in a position where my Vice-President resigned 9 1/2 months ago, and the Associate Director 10 1/2 months ago, and no replacements have been hired, yet I've been required to step into roles previously assigned to both, while simultaneously maintaining my prior work responsibilities. Every day is a 12 hour day (11-15 hours per day), and though I did step out for a two week vacation at the end of September last year, by the end of the year (3 months later), I'd already worked enough weekend and holiday days to fully make up for any vacation days I'd taken during those two weeks.

For this added responsibility, I received a 10% temporary bump in salary, beginning when the VP departed, but as soon as (when/if) a new VP is hired, I'll go back to my usual salary, which consistently increases by about 2% per year, all this several years after the prior year end bonus program was cancelled for people in my position.

Why stay? Following the 2008 crash, our industry crashed in the local market, and to avoid having to uproot and move the family, I've stayed. Tolerance for this is wearing thin however as weekends and evenings with my family have become a thing of the past, and medical care has been deferred (to my detriment) just to be able to (barely) keep up with the work load.

This is a situation that can easily be forced on salaried employees, and I suspect it is more common that admitted, and though the employer (in my case) surely saved $300,000 - $400,000 by not hiring during the interim, the burden has simply been shifted to me, a salaried employee.

...and in the end, there is no employer loyalty, the real probability the new VP will be given the go-ahead to purge the department (as has been done several times before), and a accumulated 12 weeks of vacation time will not be paid out because of an employer policy that recently changed to limit accrued vacation (during a time of labor shortage).

Fair? Not really. Legal? Probably. Motivating? Hardly.

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Jake Eagleshield

Why anyone with a life,would work for an outfit that requires 'mandatory overtime' is beyond.
In my world,overtime is,and always has been voluntary.
Here is the ironic part. Most business owners who require mandatory overtime are also 'family values' conservatives.Yet,they have no prpblem keeping their employees away from their children and spousesfor 50-80 hours a week

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i work for a transportation company that says we caint recive overtime pay and ive been their 5 years because we recive over the road fuirnuture. is this wrong or right

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Joshua Keener

Native sons in myrtle beach averages our pay in sweatshop conditions for abercrombie and holister. Our pay is every other Wednesday so that's mon-fri+mon and Tuesday for a 7 day work week. But they average two weeks together even though week two isn't even finished. They owe me 762.00 overtime and won't pay me. I work 10 to 12 hrs a day and Saturdays our day off but my pay amount is still at base of 8 dollars so no 12 overtime. I don't see why people still support holister and abercrombie. We work in 100 degree weather sometimes with little pay and most are working homeless. No free water except water fountains for hydration if you don't have the money. I've never hated name brands like them so much until now. I go into work hungry and bills lagging behind because they won't pay me what I've earned in sweat and tears.

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Herpine Derpington

A teacher's life for me, yarr!

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My employer will only pay in 15 minute intavals. . . For instance if I get of at 4:07 I only get paid until 4:00. If I get of at 4:50 I get paid until 4:45.

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so what can be done about this?my work does the same thing and it really ads up at the end of a pay period,is this legal?

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What about if your employer stops paying for your mileage from home and make you use your job address for mileage? That shorts me about fifty dollars each trip.

February 15 2014 at 12:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Martin Johnson

Ha ha. Government violates this too. Ask the people who worked in the 2010 census. Work absolutely had to be completed but overtime was only approved for a certain amount of hours and sometimes no overtime hours were approved for that week.

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