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It's so discouraging to be out of work for so long, almost 3 years for me... seams everyday it gets a little worse . I woke up this morning to my bank account being $7.33 overdrawn . And that may not sound like much until you look through your purse to scrounge up change and find that there isn't even enough to handle the situation.

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The goverment is responsible for so much unemployment and therefore is responsible for the unemployed people.
Luckily for me I was able to retire at age 59 and half due to private 401k and IRA that I had started in my 20's. Not every young person has the advice to start planning for retirement. I had a good mentor at work who always gave me good advice to start planning for retirement and it paid off in the end.
Plus I also made some good real estate investments.

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I am 61 and have been out of work for over almost two years. Before this I have never applied or interviewed for a job I didn't get. Now when I apply for jobs if I hear from the recruiter they tell me I will be underpaid or the job isn't good enough for me and when I get an interview I don't hear from the recruiters again. It's a very difficult environment out there. Competing with 40 somethings is harder than the twenties. I get it when they are looking at an employee with 20 years experience and have employees in their 40's it's going to be the 40 something that gets the job. I've come to the realization that I'm going to have to make my own business to survive. I've gone through my savings. Age and the length of time unemployed are huge obstacles.

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Is the issue in finding a job more about the function you were performing or the industry that you are in?

I would like to better understand what is going on with the unemployed and the economy, so that I better formulate my opinions as to what helps fix the problem. Maybe then I can be a more informed voter.

I don't believe the crap espoused by CNN OR Fox.

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That is really fortunate he was able to have the support but as difficult as it is to believe it isn't your fault you do each day as it gets harder. I is horrible for myself being out of work plus now you are begging for pennies just to buy clothes for your kids growth spurts at the Salvation army.

I too am overqualifed to get a job at a retail store and too old. The negative is most of my network no longer keeps in contact with me after several times I reached out not for a job referral just as a basic hello. How many times to I have to beg for a horse to come to water.

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hey william you had sued for age discrimination

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hey everyone I been unemployeed for nearly 2 years and nothing has hit my way not even a lousy security guard or mall cop I give up see you on the streets

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William Moriarty

I am in this position for the last 2 onths and I can identify with this gentleman. I beleive that at age 61 I may never find another job in my field. I was a senior substance abuse counselor at an outpatient facility. They put the old man out to pasture and a young buck under 30 promoted me so he could fire me without cause. I didn't see it comming; but I continue to post my resume and hope. It wa not my fault; but it still hurts. Thankfully I have a girlfriend who is not only supportive; but a real ego booster. God only knows how badly I need that. So I continue to post and hope.

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Some of these people that lost their jobs were in fact highly skilled tradesmen who lost their full time jobs due too no fault of their own." I know quite a few craftsmen in this group who went from earning a good living to just getting by." Most of the people that i am speaking, know how to put food on their table."

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I was out of actual work for 4 years. But two years of actually being broke. Now I'm back to work. It was not fun at all. Yeah, you do learn a lot in that time. I see everything different now, from jobs, to people to money.
If you are in that situation don't give up. You can and will survive. I know for a fact that crazy thoughts will cross your mind.

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