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Also, a LOT of the fast food customers are FAT, and they're gonna sit there bitching at you for how much meat is in their bowl. As if you aren't doing them a favor. According to one Gallup poll, African Americans (who love Chipotle) are the fattest ethnic group in the U.S., while Asians are by far the thinnest. According to another Gallup poll, Americans are 3 times as likely to say they didn't have money to put food on the table as people in China. Americans need to stop eating so much! Maybe then they won't have so much trouble putting food on the table - if they stop trying to put so goddamned much of it there that the table is coming apart!!

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I agree with Fred. I have only worked in one major restaurant chain (Chipotle), and I can tell you that although it was in some ways very good, it really sucks to work there - they pay you a starting wage of $9 (in my city - probably less elsewhere) with little chance to make more money, although they hype all this stuff about how they're all about helping you grow and how there are so many opportunities with them. I looked up the amount that employees are paid across the country. A kitchen manager on average around the U.S. makes $10/hr at Chipotle, so I'm guessing they make $11 in my city. That's ridiculous! That's not even a living wage. Then they work you like hell... they told me I wasn't "upbeat" enough because I didn't smile enough. WTF. You pay me $9/hr, ask me to work extremely quickly, and then complain that I don't smile enough? You'd think a restaurant chain could pay more than that much, since they can afford to open all these new restaurants, but their rule is that they pay the "going rate" of nearby restaurants. Which means they pay the same amount as local restaurants who actually ARE struggling to pay their employees well - although I don't really approve of anyone paying that little to have people working as hard as restaurants work their kitchen staff. Chipotle is a lot of hype. Their managers are better than some that I've seen in terms of efficiency and putting on a happy face to their employees, but I left there and went to work as a hostess in another restaurant that paid $10/hr and was way more chill and actually gave me a chance to smile - and that was technically a chain restaurant, but it's based in the Middle East and only has one location in the U.S, and I didn't ultimately like working there that much either because it was super disorganized. Now I'm working in a better place as a waitress where the pay isn't that much better starting off, but at least I'm not working my ass off with little opportunities to make more money, and it's EASY to smile! I'm motivated to work harder because I can actually make more than $9/hr if I do! At Chipotle, you only get a chance of a raise every 6 months, and who knows how much that is? $.25? $.50? After 6 months doing grueling work? I'll pass. Oh, and then all the rude customers at Chipotle who bitch and moan while staring at you through the glass about how you didn't make their burrito bowl look like it contains 2 lbs of meat. And then the manager tries to make you look bad instead of himself by commanding you to put in more meat after you already put in heaps of it - just because the customer thinks it doesn't LOOK like that much through the glass. When the customers aren't there, the managers complain that you've been putting too much meat in the bowl. For all those bitchy customers - the amount that is actually in the bowl isn't necessarily what it LOOKS like - it depends how you spread it out, but I gotta worry about that while working 90 miles an hour?!

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Freddy De Joint

Are you kidding me ?, I spend over 30 yrs working in upper managment, and i can tell you that no chain is worth working for, in fact the worst ones are the one's that make an emp, stand on their feets all day, and must work like a dog to get the customer order quickly, and in less than 3 min's, from the time a customer place take order to the time it's is assemble at the front counter, imgine busting your butt during lunh time, and taking abuse from people who do not even know you. The reason why i spend 30 plus yrs in this bussiness, is that once you get in it, it is very hard to leave, i try to leave, the money wasn't there. so i made the best of it and kept my mouth shut

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Brenda Hobart

@ dodie1990 - Guess again. In-N-Out is the exception to your statement.

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Circle K wow that just ended all credibility

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The truth is they all pay as little as they can get away with. Part-time, minimum wage, no benefit, no future jobs. They treat the employees as poorly as they can because there are more employees than jobs. Sad that these dead end jobs are all that are availbale in many areas. Wal-Mart is the worst.

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They will also be
the first 7 chains to be outlawed by the Food Nazi's

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