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Wow these are tame compared to some of the bosses that I have had. The MOST important thing that I think you can learn in work is self motivation and self evaluation. If YOU know you did a great job that is what is important. Many bosses are so emotionally screwed up and have screwed up lives that they put it all on you....Also..once found a CEO's diary tucked away in a drawer that I was cleaning. Only read a few pages...mostly self motivation....they are just as scared to speak in front of a large group as the rest of us... CEO's are just people...same hopes and fears....

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To Be Honest

Number 5. What if you are just avoiding interacting with a workplace bully (or a few)? Experts say to keep your distance then your article states one is being passive aggressive for not interacting. I don't know if I should believe any of this advice. There is an argument for and against any behavior in the workplace. Be honest. The only way to do well in a position is to know someone or be a part of a clique.

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Haha. Is my boss. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) my husband is exactly the same..... so I know how to handle it.

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I walked out on this kind of boss March of last year. Luckly I was able to retire.

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what about the boss that KNOWS an employee is KISSING HIS/HER A** and thinks it's cute or sees it as positive??? Yea.. that's what I have to deal with. It doesn't matter how hard you work or that you don't complain about your work load or your other coworkers, as long as you SUCK UP to those in charge every day & do & say everything you can to belittle or degrade yoru cowrorkers... I don't have much respect for a boss like that... it shows very little or NO character...

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Sounds like my boss...she is so annoying. The "rules" apply to some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time. Annoying!!!! And she always "talks" to you about a complaint by phrasing it as a question "what do you think Josh thought when you said...." or "how do you think Sara felt when you ...". I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY THOUGHT OR FELT AND I DONT REALLY CARE!!!! And my favorite....."Its the charge persons responsibility to see that that doesn't happen..." and i love responding to that one! "Ummm...YOUR the charge person A$$ hole"!!

Only thing that keeps me sane is knowing there is a boss Hell and she is going to it!

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Sounds like Jeff Keck.

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