What NOT To Wear To The Office This Summer

Don't make these mistakes.

There are tech startups that allow employees to come to the office in pajamas and do their work while sitting in massage chairs and drinking from a complimentary keg. But most other employers -- including virtually most of the Fortune 500 -- are fighting this attitude, especially when it comes to work wear.

As soon as Generation Y began to enter the workplace, the old guard gritted its teeth. A senior partner at one law firm wasn't quite sure how to reply, when a summer hire texted: "Are bras required as part of the dress code?"

A Tennessee judge was even moved to write a memo earlier this month reminding female attorneys to dress court-appropriate.

And this isn't just happening in the states. Prestigious companies in Australia came under fire last year for holding what-to-wear workshops for their young, female employees. Many of these youthful high-achievers didn't enjoy being told to wear skirts instead of pants, and how best to apply eye shadow. "I think it's a little degrading and women usually know what to do," said one young lawyer.

These tensions will only rise as this part of the planet heats up over the coming months, and sleeves and hemlines shorten. So as you pick out your summer office wardrobe, here are 10 clothing styles to probably avoid. If you're reading this while at work, however, and you're sitting in a massage chair drinking from a complimentary keg, feel free to ignore this advice.

Hoodies in the Workplace? You Betcha!

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