Layoff Advice: 4 Steps To Take Right After The Axe Falls

layoff adviceThe recent announcement of 27,000 layoffs at HP can send a chill through any corporate employee. The reality is that anyone can end up out of work from an unexpected corporate restructuring. It pays to know what immediate steps to take if and when you are faced with being laid off. There are four steps to successfully surviving a RIF (reduction in force). They are:

1. Make peace with the separation ASAP.

As painful as it may feel, this was a business decision. We all know corporations don't have feelings. This was not a personal attack or a reflection on you as a worker. It was simply a question of your role no longer being seen as a fit with the financial model of the company. While it's normal to be upset, not working through your feelings will cost you. Being overly public about your hatred for your employer won't serve any purpose either. In fact, it will make family and friends avoid recommending you for a job. Nobody will risk their professional reputation on someone who can't keep their emotions in check. If you are struggling to cope, seek the help of a career coach, mentor or counselor.

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2. Don't let getting laid off paralyze your job search.

In addition to working through your feelings about the layoff privately, recognize that a prolonged grieving period will hurt your career. It can be easy to want to take time off and recover from the experience. But the longer you wait, the longer it will take for you to find a new job. Just like a house that sits on the market too long, if you fail to engage in a job search immediately, people will start to question your value.

3. Capitalize on the fact that it happened to a lot of people.

When 27,000 people get let go, it's clear there weren't performance issues on-the-job. That makes it easier for a recruiter to market you to employers or a hiring manager to see your worth. But, when you wait and time passes, suddenly they start to wonder why you aren't getting snapped up by employers. Don't be that person!

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4. Get clear on how you save or make companies money.

The reason a job exists is because a company believes that someone doing the role will save or make them enough money to justify hiring them. You need to determine what problems you solve -- what pain you alleviate. Then, get out there and let employers who need you know your true value. It's the fastest way to get hired.

Getting laid off is a terrible experience. Don't go it alone. Get help if you need to. The sooner you can apply these four steps, the faster you can move forward and find a new job that makes you happy.

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To be honest I am sick and tired of the BS some employers put out there. I was hired at a job 2 months ago. The person that had my job before had made it a huge mess. Files were scattered everywhere and in the computer documents were the same way. I gathered all the hard copy files togather and got them in one place with the documents I found left out in drawers, on desks, under chairs ect placed in the correct files. Then went through te computer and put all the documents related to each case in a file. Then I created a way to find the correct file by numbering them. Next no one knew what documents were needed to get paid by the state for some proceedures we perform on state payment. I found out the proceedures and wrote up instructions so anyone could get the package togather and submit it for payment. Having done all that and getting her work load caught up until the end of July. I got my chck on Friday inside was a note saying "thanks for all your help but we don't need you anymore." It would not piss me off so much if they had told me something in person but instead they give me a note in my paycheck come on. Oh yes btw I also got her 3 new clients who will bring in almost 7K a month since that alone is like double my monthly pay this just makes me mad. I feel like calling those clients up and telling them they could get better service from one of her competors

June 03 2012 at 1:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to dneil55859's comment

I hate to hear stories like yours - that truly is frustrating. I actually like the idea of contacting the three new clients, but not for the reasons you think.

Get your resume together and contact them to let them know you were just let go and enjoyed getting to know them so much that you thought you'd see if you could be of direct assistance. Share how your work helped in landing them as a client. Share what you know about them and how you admire what they do. My guess is there is a job there somewhere for you - and you could probably do it for less than what they are going to be charged by your former employer. Better still, contact all three and go into business for yourself. Don't get mad - get even!

June 04 2012 at 9:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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