The 7 Worst Ways To Be Fired

Chelsea TaylorThere are still four things that should always be said face to human face: "I love you," for the first time; "I don't love you anymore," anytime; "You're adopted"; and "You're fired."

But many people don't live by these rules, because many people are gutless jerks. Tom Pedulla had worked for Gannett Newspapers for over three decades when he had what he thought was a routine phone interview for the job he already had. But USA Today was actually firing him from the sports staffer job he'd held since 1995, specializing in NFL and thoroughbred horse racing.

"If you think someone's job was in jeopardy, you'd want to do it face-to-face to make the best possible decision," Pedulla told the Sherman Report. "I never got a face-to-face interview to keep a job I had for 31 years."

Here are seven other workers who were burned less by getting fired, and more by the way their bosses did it. It should be a reminder to managers everywhere: Terminate your underlings kindly, or they may rage about you in the press.

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