7 Instant Millionaires Of The Startup Gold Rush

Artist David ChoeMany, many people are about to get very, very rich later this month, when Facebook finally goes public. The IPO will create 1000 new millionaires, and make one graffiti artist, who presciently took shares instead of cash payment for his work at Facebook's Palo Alto's offices, as wealthy as Mitt Romney. It's a sign of our unusual times, where a great idea, a laptop, and a case of Mountain Dew can turn into millions of dollars in a couple years or less.

Many Americans now make up this new class of instant millionaires, who raced into the modern-day gold rush with pans ready and waving. Most built up companies from their homes with some scratched-together savings, and then sold them soon after for mind-bending amounts. Here are seven of the country's most dazzling instant millionaires:

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What is so great about facebook I barely get on it. I think it sucks to be honest with everyone on here.

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AND THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE ????? What about the average people that barely make it, and have to keep reading all of this info about this person made this , and that person made that , etc, etc, etc.......My husband and i work HARD, yet do not seem to get ahead....My parents will be paying for my daughter's college in a few yrs when she graduates from high school, but i am talking about the everyday things in life ...We have literally been "to h-ll & back" (so to speak)....Then i see people that seem to either have it handed to them, or things just seem to fall into place for them....My parents have MILLIONS, yet wont help us to get a nice vehicle, or another house, so we still rent houses ...My former neighbors (mere kids in their early twenties when their middle class mom (not even rich at all), just co-signs a house for them--so we had to see them buying 2 new cars, this ,that, etc, etc.... YET THEY NEVER WENT TO COLLEGE & we did ...Yet, they were charging up a storm , buying this and that , etc.... It was very annoying, because they worked retail 9.00/hr jobs at the time , and my husband and i made a lot more, but because of our credit & my parents are afraid to co-sign ,because of their millions, so we wont be buying a house anytime soon......now we are in our mid 40's & look at all of these young kids in their 20s & approaching 30, and they have a better lifestyle than we do, yet we went to college...It just doesnt make any sense ....It is very upsetting as well...We both work hard & cannot seem to cut a break ....Yet these young kids nowadays have ALL OF THE HELP IN THE WORLD & are getting their folks to co sign homes, cars & theings they cant even afford ....So even though they cannot really afford it , they get to enjoy things that we wont be able to get, because we out our kids first & i guess thats life ....Looks like if youre under 35 & have a relative to co-sign youre set...If not, forget it .... It is very upsetting ....Weve had to pay off student loans & renting now not owning like i had with prior husband ....IT upsets us ...We are educated---theyre not....We are older & wiser & are at the point where we more than deserve to get a break....We just cant seem to get a break ....Honestly, I am disgusted & extremely disappointed as well.Nevermind...Have a nice day everyone- i pray that if you have parents like mine that are multi millionaires , that they actually dont act cheap & actually help..Because our quality of life is just like as if we never went to college & do not have a good co-signer--but thats NOT the case..Our quality of life is not what i thought it would be, or i never wouldve gone to college , etc, if i thought things would be this way.Sorry to sound negative , but as i said we just cant cut a break-my husband has applied to all of the degree based jobs , but they keep on hiring the kids that are 22 yrs old , with no experience, instead of him, who has a lot of experience..Companies ONLY seem to want the young kids.

May 20 2012 at 11:32 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to karen51568's comment

I love you

May 20 2012 at 1:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love you too :)

hugs from another in their late 50's and poor but has their riches in their heart

May 20 2012 at 5:48 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Hoora for these people. I had an idea, that maybe gravity was caused by a particle. When I announced that I had found this particle, CERN built the ten billion dollar Large Hadron Collider to study it. A few years later, using this technology,I made a piece of graviton matrix material. For example, a car made from this will get 300 mpg or a rocket made out of it will travel to other solar systems in a few weeks. After I made this and held it in my hand, it instantly made me the wealthiest man on earth. But, I couldn't leave it at that. I kept right on working on the atom and I found a lot more. Right now I'm working on something called Photon Exchange Technology (I own this).
It's more valuable than fusion .....Alfred-

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In My Opinion Only

Congratulations, these new millionaires, glad they got lucky. I'm not one of them and never would become one. Best Wishes and don't let it get into your heads.

Enjoy life.

May 17 2012 at 4:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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