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Let me tell you a little something about the janitorial business-- I have been in it for 34 years. My company serves our local area and employs an average range of 15 people. We are like family and consider our clients' properties to be like a home that is well cared for. Our company atmosphere makes for happy workers, high quality service and satisfied clients. So there you have it.. a scenario that plays out perfectly for all involved... and there are thousands and thousands of moderate sized janitorial companies in the USA just like mine.

Now.. enter the big, national-based janitorial companies-- like the ones mentioned in this article. They do three things very well. 1) They lie. 2) They cheat. 3) They steal... and they do these things to both their clients and their contractors/employees. The very LAST priorities on their task list is to offer fairness and quality in ANY form. None.. period.

One thing they especially like to do is convince the heads of companies that have multiple locations across the land to cancel contracts with their local janitorial companies and then consolidate their janitorial contracting with them. The big selling point is that the client will only have write one check each month.. but that's where the good stops... completely. From that point on, it is a 100% total scam. A scam on the client and a scam on the workers. First thing they do when awarded the contract is to contact the local provider (me) with an offer to continue servicing the property.. for HALF the viable price.. which they know already will not work at all.. so we are now out of the equation. Second thing they do is to advertise to individuals in the local area to "realize the American dream".. become your own boss! And since they seek out people in dire need of income.. any income.. they then offer a franchise sub-contract to them at ONE THIRD of the viable contract price. The end result is 1) A service provider who is now an instant "business owner", but wouldn't know employment laws, liability insurance, or a broom from a ham sandwich, a lottery ticket or a nail file. And, 2) A client who suddenly finds that what they were promised in their new 5-year contract as "quality service" (from a big, flashy, national company) is, in reality, a sub-sub-sub-contracted illegal alien and her 7 year-old daughter being sent out to their property to do the work of a seasoned professional (like they show in the Powerpoint presentation during their sales pitch) -- one that may or may not even show up, depending on whether or not their cousin's car will start that day. From there, the various items on the lie-cheat-steal list go on to infinity.. but I think you get the pic. Mom & Pop had it covered just fine all along.. everyone involved got a fair shake.. but the client got greedy with their janitorial costs and suckered in by false promises.

Bottom line:: Don't ever... EVER.. buy janitorial service from a guy in a tie.

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I am sorry, but after a trip to the Philippines for a month, I have no pity for these people. If they are not happy and are illegals,, they can go home. My friend that I hired for the month as my tour guide (although everyone spoke English as a second language), showed me his country. I loved it. He has a regular job,,, he works 12 hours a day / 7 days a week. I came back on Jan. 10th, he has not had a day off since then. He makes $5 a day !!! He pays his share of rent, utilities and food on that. He wants to come here, but legally, and he cannot. He cannot even visit,, the USA govt. is afraid he would go underground. I used to feel for these people,, but not after seeing my friend.

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So QUIT and head for Mexico, Russia, China, North Korea,,,betcha you change your thinking really quick.

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If you notice...all of the complaints are put together by union or pro union organizations. Of course the unions will call it "slave" labor...since they dont get their cut one should at all. And before you start glorifying unions.... try to tell some union thug/goon/leaders in NY that maybe they can do things differently.... and see how long before you are suddenly "laid off"...

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A six-figure income for a janitor is ludicrous!!!!

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This is about sub contract companies...not the major stores them are they to police their contractors?? Tell that to our US government....look at the contarctors they use for Gods sake!

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Carole Ann

I'm concerned that most people reading this article seem to believe that these people shouldn't have the right to complain about very poor treatment since they don't actually work for K-Mart or Target. I'm quite aware that jobs are hard to find but I think that since there is a minium wage law in this country they shouldn't be cheated out of the wages they've earned. The reason unions were established years ago was the reason working conditions became better here then in other countries.

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unions were needed years,and I mean YEARS ,ago.The fact that a janitor earns a six figure income( on average) shows how out of touch unions and libs.have become.You don't have to guess why New York is financially in the toilet.

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I cant believe people still shop at WaLMART. They seem to screw everyone, why dont people realize this? They have turned everything over to China. Do you want China to run the US, well if you all want to keep going to WalMart then you are helping China to take over the US. These greedy people running WalMart are ruining the US. Their father would turn over in his grave if he knew his kids were doing this. Dont they have enough, GREEDY, GREEDY,GREEDY. Think about your father who was a wonderful person.

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I like Walmart. It's the only place I can afford things.

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Actually I found that costco is great and so is walgreens (surpisingly)...I'm a recently single guy so this is hard to admit...but I watched a video online about using cupons and how a lady feeds a family of 4 for $4.00 per week...I started cuponing and I get about $300 worth of groceries per month and usually get money back without spending a dime...Also if you can't find a cupon for what you like email the company the will send you a bunch of them

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Unions are the reason most work is sent oversea's....You really think a stock boy should make 20 bucks an hour?

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