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corporations must offer any perks they can, cause unlike a teacher, THEIR employees can like it or leave it. they too would like to keep them, but they can't exist through giveaways.

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I don't see what's so "Outrageous " about these perks. If these companies want to keep their employees happy, then by all means do so!

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Phillip Klepper

These companies are not doing anything out of kindess. They are smart enough to realize that happy employees are more productive and make more money for their bosses. They can also retain good workers because companies today do not want to spend any money or time training anyone new. I am absolutely certain that they have a group of bean counters who do a cost/benefit analysis or every decision. Health care memberships or on-site gyms make sense because healthier workers take fewer days off and are more productive. On-site cafetarias also make sense because workers then spend more time doing their job. For example, if a company loses two million a year because workers need to leave early to pick up their kids from day care, and they can run their own day care system for one million a year, they simply choose the more fiscally advantageous route.

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At least these companies are trying to lure talent by establishing value and using the free market. What are the other options? Union bullying to push inflated wages to the point where companies can't compete? I know widgets are important, but should we be paying their assemblers $50/hr? Should union bosses make $500k a year to complain about those who aren't looking out for the little guy?

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Phillip Klepper

I would like to know where assembly line workers make 50 dollars an hour? Workers who build the Chevy Sonic make about $14 per hour. Most assembly line workers in the U.S. (yes, they are still some left) make between $8 and $12 per hour. Also, I have traveled extenssively and have discovered that countries that have strong unions, have a very strong middle class, very little poverty or wealth disparity, good public transportation, universal health coverage and excellent school systems. Countries without unions have extremely high unemployment, crushing poverty, very few opportunites, and a very small group of very wealthy individuals who own almost everything. Unions are not the enemy. My union boss makes about $90K a year for working between 14 and 16 per day, 6 or 7 days every week, but I guess you have no problem with people like Mitt Romney making a quater of a billion by buying up healthy companies, bankrupting them, firing thousands of workers (which he says he enjoys), and then carving up the assests like a Christmas Ham. Please, stop listening to the propaganda and outright lies of FOX NEWS and start looking at the facts.

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You think these are outrageous?? How about the millions of dollars that Wall Street Brokerage firms dole out to their employees? how about the signing bonuses paid to star athletes or to [dare I say it?] useless CEO's? I think it's of credit to all these companies that these perks are offered to the rank and file employees. Far from being Marxists, rtutbucks, I think these guys are elitists.

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Dear Marxists,
If a private business wants to offer these perks, you have no say in it whatsoever. If you want to change these perks, I suggest to purchase enough stock in these companies so you have a vote and a say on how salary and perks are administered

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From one extream to the other. Many companies fire people who have worked with them long enough to recieve medical benifits and many more will hire people only as part time employees, to avoid paying any benifits at all. It's a shame that things aren't more equal. It's also obvious that the generosity of these companies is paid for by the total overpricing of their products, the "Little People" have to buy... As for massages, sleeping pods and free lunches, If i wasn't so stupid, to have retired a semi sucessful self employed person, I'd have worked for one of these companies and asked for the cash, instead of perks so lavish that these companies seem to have forgotten why we call it "Work"....

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Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City provides botox treatments. A oil & gas company like it needs to spend money on its billions of debt. And cut everything out that is not absolutely needed.

April 28 2012 at 9:22 AM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply
Doug Click

What happens when you fart in that dome thing?

April 27 2012 at 7:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My company also provides closure when it snows two or more feet!

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