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Cah Cali

She sure spread a lot of horse manure to the town's citizens and local govt. throughout the years. Now that she's been stopped spreading it, she better shovel it into bags and sell it as compost to begin the re-payment to the city/citizens! Its really true what the saying goes about con-artists. They look pleasant, smile, sweet talk, become best friends, etc. and your guard goes down and all the while, they're loading their pockets with your/the town's $$. Good idea to check out the auditor but with a small population as theirs, didn't any of the city govt. lawyers, council, etc. ever think why/how she could afford to live that high-life? With today's economy, very few small town city workers can afford to live that life style not unless they have inheritance or win the Lotto. Wowsie, she threw it right in their faces and no one did anything until the temp. came along and caught her! Lately it seems that whenever 1 person is in charge of handling the $$, they always get sticky fingers. They need to have more than 1 sign off on any payments with original billing document attached and double checked by others making sure its a legal company or spenditure.

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Part 1 of 2

This is absolutely amazing. One has to wonder what our elected officials, appointed officials, and all of the employees who work amongst them are doing while they’re supposedly at work. It has become blatantly clear that those ranks are filled with far too many thieves and/or gross enablers. Regarding all of the abuse that these people subject the citizenry to, I and many other citizens that I know are well past the point of frustration. Things are at a boiling point in this country. This woman’s head should roll; as should everyone else who works in the government ranks and knew, or should have known, what she was doing. Too many people are either stealing from the people they are supposed to be serving and/or sitting around doing next to nothing while on the job. Kudos to the temporary staffer that exposed this, he or she should be named and publicly commended (heck maybe even many more millions of dollars would have been stolen were it not for that intervention?) But one must wonder (and I mean a serious and deep wonder) could no one else over the course of several years not see any of the indicators that this staffer noticed during the course of covering Ms. Crundwell’s vacation. Me thinks at minimum a lot of blind eyes have been turned. This country is in serious trouble, although this is mere speculation I don’t think that I would be far off if I were to guess that there is probably not one state that hasn’t been tainted by a scandal within the last year. Places like Illinois, New York, California, and Florida can’t seem to stay off the scandal/corruption radar. It’s time for some serious stiffening of penalties for the privileged and well connected such as Comptroller Crundwell…a good place to start is with the revocation of the paltry $4,500.00 bond that has been granted to a likely corrupt and thieving millionaire. I know that at this point the charges are simply allegations; however, the numbers don’t lie. That being the case, I’d bet that the case against Ms. Crundwell is probably pretty rock-solid, unless of course you view that case through the eyes of a Crundwell friend…in that case you might call a spot-on admission of guilt (a voluntary and video-recorded admission that wasn’t taken under duress mind you) shaky. Above I mentioned Florida, intense focus should be given to that state as well. That being the case I’ll end with the below comment, it was previously posted elsewhere, but it is fitting to include it here. The public should be aware.


Next stop Florida. “Why specifically?”, you ask.

Because in Florida, within recent months, numerous and egregious violations of law have been committed that warrant multiple criminal prosecutions and other severe government sanctions. These crimes that have had all types of deleterious effects including, but not limited to, once again placing the integrity of Florida’s election results (for 2012) in

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Part 2 of 2

jeopardy. A few of the things that are central to this issue are:

David P. Kreider [Mr. Kreider, a proven criminal, is a corrupt Alachua County Court judge. This criminally-corrupt judge also happens to be both (a) one of the circuit's former prosecutors and (b) a former Division Chief for the State Attorney's Office.]

Robert Roundtree, Chief Judge for Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (he recently replaced the embattled Martha Lott who resigned from her chief judge post subsequent to becoming embroiled in this scandal which has started to implode; her resignation was announced on 04/09/2012 and was reported to have gone into effect on 04/05/2012)

Spencer Mann, Chief Investigator for the State Attorney’s Office of Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit

William "Bill" Cervone, State Attorney for Florida's 8th Judicial Circuit

The conspiracy / scandal related to the "Gibson Case"

The two irrefutable reports and extensive corroborating evidence that is in the possession of agencies, including those within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (and the aforementioned Spencer Mann and Chief Judge’s office). The comprehensive reports and evidence span a total of more than 100 pages and in-depthly detail criminal activities carried out under the color of law by criminal/judge David P. Kreider and various other co-conspirators.

This is the gateway to some serious corruption and a major cover-up attempt.

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I'm disturbed about the theft of milions but I am also disturbed that she was allowed to take four months off each year and still get paid for three of those months. What private sector job allows that? Why do government jobs always have to be so unrealistically lavish in their benefits? This needs to stop because everyone is going bankrupt with this union job mentality

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Sure are a lot of crooks around the chicago area.

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Rita,...happy trails to you,...I hope we NEVER meet again.......

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This is a good indicator how most cities' or towns conduct everyday affairs. An audit missed that??? That is extremely loose accounting, and yes the auditor should be investigated as well. Then they always run back to the taxpayer and need more money. An average housewife could keep books much better than that.

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Don't know how I'm going to pay to have my young stock trained in the future. It won't be with stolen or embezzled funds. I've heard this woman donated a LOT of money to the AQHA. I wonder what that organization plans to do with the stolen funds.

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Howdy, Susie

And now we're at 15 trillion - what's that?

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dbonweb O-Man running up to $15 trillion with no snow balls chance in hell of paying back is "ok" then? You people kill me. A GED should be required before posting in here.

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If you are talking about the average tax being $6,000.00 per year. The town takes in $90,000,000.00 a year. Remove $5,000,000.00 a year. Not as hard to do as you might think. But the person doing the aduit, should have found it. Investigate the auditer most diffenitely.

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How did that little town not miss an average of $5 million a year? Who else had their hands in the cookie jar?

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