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Nino Capone

I think that it is a tragedy; being that things could of been prevented and should have not ended in such a tragic way. Those that intertwined for such scenerios to become should be ashamed and repent, it is really sad, moving and disturbing. How those in place have upheld posture to those suppressing.

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When times like these get bleek for someone, and they see no way out of the mess, except by taking ones life. I mean really, here's a guy that probably worked most of those 77 and paid into the system for 35 of those years, so it probably was a good pension, but alas.., the government knew this, knew to keep an eye on the man. Who does it go to now that it gone? his boys? his wife? back to the government? Lets hope not!

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OPA Our Pensions Abominable

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In Greece you are entitled to a Government pension at age 51, the normal retirement age,if I am not mistaken at 75% of pre-retirement earnings. They've been living too well for too long!

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it's embarrasing to be an american and read the uninformed drivel that passes as comment from ignorant asses; if you could actually read or viewed something more than the ass-clowns on Faux news, you'd grasp that this was a 77 year old retiree, a pharmicist, who for at least a decade had been living on a pension; which unlike those in the US or any other western country have been cut retroactively by 20%; even our wing-nut Tea baggers scream keep your government hands off my medicare and SSA (as if it was private and unsubsidized); and even the meat-ax Ryan assault on entitlements doesnt call for immediate (and surely not retroactive) application; imagine the riots in the US if congress passed and the president signed a 20% cut in wages nationally and a 20% cut in Social Security; it would make the riots of the 80's look like a BBQ

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When one is forced to contribute(read taxed) to a fund for forty years one may expect not to have reductions in the promised payouts of said fund. This is not, therefore, a government subsidy but a governmental fraud if the payout is in fact reduced. You may dismiss those who would like their government to honor its promises as "tea baggers" , as we dismiss those without honor as democrats. The Greeks might have more of a leg to stand on if they did not habitually fail to pay their taxes.Much like democrats in this country they don't seem to understand that if a government continues to spend what it does not have it goes brokes

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Well greeks have one less mouth to feed so it seems things are looking up for them. Maybe if enough do it the rest can go back to living as spoiled brats and spending more money they they have. Tough but true. If i over spent my income let alone income like pension before I even had it i would only have myself to blame & that's the way it is in life & reality why is everyone stuck with their heads in the sand thinking this is a movie or video game & that you get to save your game before you do something crazy so when it fails you can reload it & try again. You expect banks to pay their share yet think its ok for you not to even though your payment is paid by the bank using someone else's payment & your payment will pay someone else's. This isn't the movies there is no do over & life is not full of happy & endings & lucky breaks. It sucks but welcome to reality.

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Greese will survive and snap out of their funk. With a history and spirit like theirs this bump in the road will not discourage the masses, Prayers to the poor man and his family.

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lol love it

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Feel free to follow his example.

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you first gregster. Obviously the guy spent more then he made especially from his super high pension & thus cuts to that pension or others would have made paying the minium to stay a float even harder & thus the cork was set to unravel.

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I even rated myself down before you could just for being honest & speaking the truth. Sad but true.

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When you cant stand economic reality and adhrere to peter pan principles, where you believe you can print your way to utopia, which always fails, you then have a way to save the failed welfare state money, kill yourself.

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one man once said "government is not the answer to the problem, government is the problem". still true today.

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