$100,000-A-Year Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

Welding inspectorWith U.S. workers' wages stagnating, the idea of earning $100,000 a year without a bachelor's degree might seem impossible.

But there are jobs that command high salaries, have plenty of openings, and require only certification from a vocational school or an associate degree, typically earned at one of the nation's more than 1,000 community colleges.

To compile the list, PayScale identified professions that don't require a four-year degree in which the top 10 percent in those careers earned more than $100,000. The website used salary information it compiles through its own online surveys.

Median pay for these jobs ranged from $45,100 to $77,100, while those in the top 10 percent earned $101,000 to $122,000. Most of these jobs are in the health-care service industry, where it is possible to advance one's career with expertise learned on the job, PayScale notes.

Degrees and certifications for these jobs, if needed, are usually obtained at trade or technical schools, or community colleges, where tuition is typically far less than at a four-year college. Although tuition at for-profit technical colleges can be much higher, annual cost for full-time tuition at community colleges averaged about $3,000 last year -- compared to more than $8,000 at public universities, a recent report from the College Board shows. Moreover, recent increases in federal grants and tax benefits mean the cost of tuition and most textbooks is fully covered for today's typical community college student.

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