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Some of the suggestions in this story would be a prolbem for receving your unemployment benefits,,,,you must be available for work, and looking for work. If you setting up a small self run business while you are on unemployment this would cause your benefits to end.

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I got layed off back in May and it took me about One and a half months to find another job. I can say beyond a doubt the number one way to stay busy while unemployed is...... LOOK FOR A JOB! Oh and PS Be able to pass a drug test helps too.

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Having been a small business owner for over 25 years that had a business crash along with the real estate market, we relocated our family to an area with lower unemployment. It took selling all we had. I took a job last summer as a live in caring for an elderly lady, and used that money to buy me a domain name, and launch a new home service business online. It's slow getting established in an industry with alot of competition, but... working everyday, doing email blasts to homeowners and brokers, etc., will eventually get me there! Giving up is not an option, as we didn't qualify for unemployment! Which totally makes the case for no unemployment extensions!

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Anyone think that maybe when you're unemployed you might want to spend your time looking for a job? All this other stuff is great, but the most important thing is finding another job. Don't be to proud to take a job that starts at less than you were making. If you're good, you'll get raises and be promoted.

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You gotta be kidding. Most people that are unemployed work harder trying to find a job than they have to work when they get a job. It is difficult going to interviews, sending out resumes and driving all over the place when you don't have the cash to put out for these added expenses. If I had ANY free time when I was unemployed, I ALWAYS had plenty of other stuff to do. This is a DUMB subject.

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clean rooms,drawers,cubbards get rid of the clutter. visit grandparents,inlaws,readbooks.generaly keep busy as possible.this will make you feel better,and improve your home relationships and selfesteem.

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or sit around and wait for the next unemployment check.

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DAL..What's so funny??? No only you need to keep your job but also get a degree or a certification. Educate yourself like people do!

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Seriously? Have you ever been unemployed or do you just make fun of those who've lost their jobs in this economy? It's mind-boggling when people think that unemployment benefits are some type of charity or handout. You can only collect if you QUALIFY by having worked at a job where the proper withholding taxes (YOUR money) were collected and sent to the government.

It's amazing how unattractive ignorance is.

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