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Chevron is a huge mistake. It is a bad place to work. The benefits don't add up when they force you to be in their Union. The ethical standards between management and employee is low. Manage can comit murder and get away with it. And if you get hurt on the job, it will be found to be your fault. Chevron takes no responsibility. So, if you're looking for long hours and not future go to Chevron!

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No large insurance companies and I did not see UPS or an entertainment company. Strange.

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notice no one said verizon.. a third world slave driver at best.....30 yr emp....avg. emp dies 5 years after retireing

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Nike outsourced jobs to China. That I know for sure. And wow did most of you notice how many male Ceos on that list compared to female Ceos

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Who care about female executives? Too many mood swings and they are no good in the clutch.

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Well again I see AT&T didn't make the list again. It must be because those Texas turds so called management treat their workers like $hit. Work rules that would make Hitler proud!!!

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This is a very encouraging news that now the company's are being rated on how well they treat their employees and how well contented their employees are. It a prudent approach of any employers to treasure , appreciate and value the services of their work force as they are the main tools that guarantees a vibrant future ahead, it has always been observed, that when the employees have been taken good care of by their employers, their performances always improve. Appreciating is the final achievement that any creative person is looking ahead for. Boosting the performance of the employees is a kind of strategy that the professionals must always keep on their priority list. The monetary factors are obviously imperative too, as they help people to raise their living standards, and solving their domestic issues as well. This method adopted by any organization is a proven fact that their employees will remain faith full and will also try to advance their best services, its a part of human nature. Treasure and value your work force, and the rest will take care it self--------------

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These places are filled with "type A" personalities. They might as well list that quality as one of the job requirements. Problem is, not everyone wants to be a software engineer, plus science and math were not my strong suits in high school. I'm a writer, an artist and a so-so singer, and even though these are fields where you have to study, there's no guarantee when you graduate. These skills are based on talents, on your ability to create. Do it well enough, and $100,000 can be your pocket change. But for most of the "hoi-polloi", and that excludes doctors and lawyers and other guaranteed high-paying professions, jobs have become scarce because most everyone works for some company, hospital, etc. For many years, CEO's have been altering their company structure because they can rake in far more capital that way. Why pay a human being when you can automate their former job for free? No salaries or benefits to pay; only the latest technology that will aid in eliminating even more jobs. As for the people, they're faceless and mean nothing to these companies. Our president does talk about increasing jobs for the taxpayers, but it's never been clear to me exactly what he means. Just where are these jobs he's talking about? Does he plan to have the unemployed work for the federal government where technically, he's the CEO? A job is something you do for someone, so who and where are they? Will he force the companies to create new jobs for those who have no college, or some college listed on their resume? It is possible for a company to take someone in hand and train them to do the job they want done. It's an odd concept for the higher-ups, but up until the past fifty years or so, it was always that way. Will it ever matter to them about the guy in the street? Someone who has worked all his life, only to find himself unemployed at a time when he was planning to retire in ten years? He's going to lose his house, the home where he and his wife raised their children. He may not have had the strength to join the marches in the major cities over the past few weeks, but someone is marching for him. The government needs to wake up and remember their history, Russia in 1917, France in 1789, etc. Most all industrialized nations were once at the top. They fell because they ignored the average person who was suffering, millions of them. World War II put the United States at the top, and we've stayed there over sixty years. But despite our American arrogance of being the most powerful nation on earth, the time is coming soon when we'll lose that position, and it will all be because of greed and power. I didn't write the following phrase, but its truth is timeless. "...those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it..."

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..and where are those tax dollars for "automations" incomes going? They are only killing themselves. Don't you know that they use governments tax money to keep themselves afloat? A lot of "automation" should be killed.

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Fred Darling

Where is Johnson Controls?

December 15 2011 at 3:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

google or comcast what would you pick

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I have blisters on my hands. I sweat ever day, and go home with dirt all over my clothes and I build products that I can PROUDLY say "MADE IN AMERICA"!!! And make a "piddlin" $39,000 a year. Got a kid in college that I AM paying for!!!!!!!!

$120,000??,,,nah,,keep it. I got more pride than that. I love my "blue collar" world.

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