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I was in the Information Technology field for years and yes great pay but the hours were absolutely horrible...and we supported a Hospital so we took turns being on call which was even worse

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By far the highest paying degrees are in the science and engineering fields. Very few in these fields are protesting because they cannot find jobs or are not being fairly compensated. This in itself should tell the other 98% of BS (or other for that matter) graduates that they should major in something in demand if they expect to find a well paying job. Instead most of said others just protest and complain.

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What has changed in the Chemical Engineering field? Chemical Engineers used to do everything that the Petroleum Engineer does. The Petroleum Engineer specializes in one area of engineering which admittedly is very broad and encompassing, however the Chemical Engineer handles everything else which is a lot bigger than petroleum. Synthesis and Unit operations alone are as big as petroleum eng'g. Chem. Engineering encompasses a lot of Mechanical and Electrical and structural engineering activities. Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineers are kind of just the Oompahaloompahs of engineering. The Chemical Engineer does it all.

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A BA in
Psych will get you no where in Florida - you need a master's degree in social work or in mental health counseling to be a social worker here. Careerbuilder needs to take more time in doing their research. We all don't live in the northeast.

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Except it is almost impossible to find a job. College grads, returning military are suffering for lack of jobs available.

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Notice the easy jobs that do nothing for the betterment of the economy pay the highest?

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How could you NOT include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with the average starting salary of $84,000 per year in California?

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an idiot did this survey and wrote the article. pharmacy bd grads start at nrarly to over 100,000 per year

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Is that called PRN work? only when needed?

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@LUISD482, What do you consider to be American jobs? The ones the African Americans got when they came from Africa or the ones the Whites got when they stole the land from the Native Americans? I don't see the difference between them and the Hispanics. Find a real reason not to like the hard working Latinos who are shaping this country for the better.

Where's the equal opportunity here????

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When a career, teacher, policeman, fireman, garbage man, bureaucrat of any kind, recipient of welfare, is a factor of the tax base, it is limited by the size of that tax base. When we do everything possible to drecipient destroy the "production" that creates the tax base, and it subsequently dimishes, every occupation related to the tax base must be lowered proportional to the loss. Must be? Therein lies a major factor in our current circumstances. The tax base has been diminished, but "we the people" want the honey-wagon of benefits and services to go on and on and on.

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