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Tom Townsend

Very good article. A few friends in the biz recently wrote an article that I think is an excellent follow-on to this one that discusses how the Talent War's are Coming

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Can you give Robert Cough my email address? I would like to ask him some questions.


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This in part is some of the answer While I will agree there are plenty of things that need to be addressed we can no longer wait for our government to act...The American consumer needs to become radical and extreme & willing to make tremendous sacrifices

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i am a 45yr old male from Ohio! jobs are scarce here, unless you are a skilled tradesman!! But that doesn't seem to be enough anymore. i just lost my job or rather laid off from my job for lack of a better term for it. The governor says he will bring in more jobs to this state... but with jobs going oversea it makes it hard for you to take care of your family and to take care of all your needs at this time!! What now America?

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Ed Avolio

US citizens can tinker and educate themselves until they are blue in the face. It will not make up for $1.17/hr. wages in China and 50 cents/hr. in Indonesia. What is needed is to educate John and Congress that by allowing imports to be SOLD in the US that are not made with the same costs mandated by a minimum wage, environmental costs, worker safety costs, workers comp costs and child labor laws, the US will never be a manufacturing job producer. One sure remedy is to have congress repeal all tariffs they have placed on US manufactured products and go back to the 1940s when there were no mandated costs on US manufacturers. Another sure remedy is to have congress bar from sale in the US, any product made offshore that is not made with the same tariffs as imposed on US producers. Some of these US tariffs are: a minimum wage of $7.25/hr., environmental and safety laws, workers comp costs, SS and Medicare co-pays and child labor laws.

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Back in the early 70's I returned from Viet Nam and took up a tool & die apprenticeship. I had already tried college and it was not for me. While serving my apprenticeship I was allowed to supplement my night school with college level classes that applied such as metalurgy.
I was able to complete the schooling in three years and my OJT in 4. The interesting point of this tale is that I was one of only 2 T&D makers to graduate in the state of New Jersey from an approved program. The sad part is that the same year the state graduated 5,000 hair dressers.
If you are going to compete in an industralized world you had better train the talent to compete.
By the way, despite 30 years in the trade, 16 of which were spent managing 3 manufacturing facilities, over 200 people, I can't get a job because I did not complete college.

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Right on- Im a 58 year old carpenter, now a general contractor, and it is hard to find a journey man that can do everything to build, or, fix a home. Good for my business now, but what about when I gone?

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Amazing how there are so few comments. My father told me when I was a teen ager that if you want any type of security in life learn to do something with your hands. Well after leaving college after two years I became a carpenter aprentice in a local union. For ten years I worked and learned all aspects of carpentry. I then became a police officer (civil service job). However, the skills of learning carpentry has earned not only an extra income but I built my own home and any renovations has been done dffortlessly from my acquired skills. I agree whole heartily with above "learn a trade"

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Exellent piece. John, you have hit the nail on the head!

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