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There is a job market out there. Employers are getting rid of workers and replacing them with an equal competence (hopefully) desperado with lower pay. Quite logically an illegal immigrant paid in cash. The paperwork's cost is recouped in about a year. I don't know about "tenured" workers' morale when eating pet food to pay for their mortgages and car payments. Tenure implies being on the plank to be dropped. America is close to a 3rd world country, after nearly three years of Obaminable rule.

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Much of what you said is true , yet you put the blame on Obama when it should be placed more on Bush . We were already in the tiol;et when Obama took office . You can also blame the GOP run congress for putting party politics and the destruction of Obama way ahead of America and the American people .

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here are two sites for employment (capitol hill, architect of the capitol jobs) (gov't jobs all across the country)

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Home Office

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Repatriate the money companies have earned and been taxed on already overseas, so they can hire here. Get the labor secretary to buy American instead of Canadian ignorantly. Repeal bobo care. Tort reform to lower medical costs. Stop pouring money down the toilet on foreign aid to our enemies. Legalize marijuana and tax it like booze. Stop spending money we don't have. Flat tax.

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Reading some of these comments reveals that few people understand capitalism. Nothing entitles you to a job. It is something that you earn when you are asking someone else to provide that job. Hell yes a large company is going to take their production to other countries if it costs less. Solution: start your own business and you cannot outsource yourself or gain a skill that makes it more advantageous to hire you that to ship it overseas. Otherwise the best you can hope for a minimum wage service job that cannoyt be outsourced overseas.

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Jim Davis

We will not have a good economy unless we stop the outflow of jobs to foreign countries. And nobody in congress is making an issue of this problem. Think it's bad now? Just wait a few more years.

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ken herman

As wages went up assembly and production fled the country so either wages go down, or we tax the hell out of goods coming into the country, or a combination of both, take you pick.

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Try Ron Paul. He is not a globalist and that is where the jobs went. Can you say nafta and other screwed up trade agreements.

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This August jobs news report about No new jobs in America has to be incorrect? Keeping them honest! Who in congress is responsibl­e? How about the House Tea Party and Cantor, McCarthy and Ryan and Senator McConnell and your 43 filibuster obstructio­nists stated that the job creators that have been working furiously for us should not be taxed! Well, these job creators have had it their way for the past ten years! Apparently­, the report is that the continued spreading of their fairy tale lies that stopping the continued Bush tax cuts (give a ways) for billionair­es and Millionair­es will negative impact on the job creators! This B.S. has gone-on for 10 years with less Americans employed! However, China reports that more American jobs were outsourced to China by many of these same billionair­es and millionair­es that do not pay their fair share. Hey Americans are you furious? According Senator Bernie Sanders and retired conservati­ve Senator Allen Simpson, it is now clear that the Republican­s /hypocrite­s made pledges that they are for their “only” plan of continuing to protect their rich Millionair­es and Billions like the Gover Norquest, Limbaugh, Murdock and Koch Brothers at any cost that provided them their campaign funds! Their plan was never to create American jobs for the unemployed middle class! Mr. Boehner, isn't interestin­g to note that unemployed Americans are not talking about a debt ceiling! Where are the jobs you campaigned on? Mr. President, we are asking where are the jobs?

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