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I was very fortunate and blessed to have as my last boss a very good one, I might say.

We, as a Nation, need to return to our Founding Fathers' Roots, which is; "In God We Trust."

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The worst employers are local government, unless you don't mind constantly being bullied, stabbed in the back and hypocracy...otherwise, have a nice day!

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That's why I'm pursuing to work for myself. I'm sick and tired of working my tail off to make a boss look good and for them to make them money and all I get is slave raise. Getting fired from my last job was the greatest thing that has ever happended to me. I thank God that he got me out of JP Morgan Chase and I would not refer them to my worst enemy to work there. Today's workforce is so corrupt that it's not even funny. I rather be my own boss and not work for a company to be micromanaged and degrated.

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That is probably one of the best things to do. In the real world, many people think employers owe them: Vacations, sick days, holidays all paid, retirement, also medical benefits. These are all benefits or perks for working there. All a company owes any employee is a safe work place, benefits legislated by Federal and State governments and payment at the rate agreed upon prior to the work being performed.

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There is no more loyalty in america. That is just the way it is. Quit crying beaches and get back to fn work.

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In the 1950's and 60's employees were considered an asset, in the 70's and 80's employees were considered a number and in the 2000's employees are considered a liability.

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There is fault on both sides... employers make decisions that impact people's lives without thinking it through, and fail to realize the lasting repercussions on the rest of the workforce. Employees, on the other hand, can become greedy, corrupted and all too willing to bite the hand that feeds them, never a smart thing to do in the long run regardless of whether someone needs their current job or not/

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No surprise here. Most employers hate their employees and wish to pay them as little as they can with no benefits. They also will treat their employees poorly and hope they leave soon before they accrue any time form vacation or anything else. They will do anything to prevent the employees to organize for their own protection. Most employees know their employer resents them and hate their job.

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I got kicked out of my job because I had a heart attack? That was not the reason that I was let go as they tell it but they replaced me with 4 jerks that they paid very little to and the company has been on the slid ever since!! I am now retired and live like the rest of America today, don't have it hard, but surely am not sitting on easy street!! I like when I see companies get rid of hard working people and get fool to replace them? Happy Day may come again!!!!

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I was dejobbed at 54 years of was the happiest day of my life....The guy that let me go lost his job three months later (could not hold his job without me)..."HOW SWEET IT IS" ! ! !

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Let's go Riding

Companies don't care about employees and the gop, their lap dogs, are doing their best to destroy the countries economy so you'll have to put up with it.

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