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Nothing works unless you know someone (or may be 3rd or 4th degree separation) in the company you are applying. although some of the jobs where actual interview process works. Most of the resume have a fake work experience and companies do hire them. why HR (human resource) people lack the human part in them. why don't companies hire genuine people and hire the person they need rather then hiring the person they like.

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As an employer who hires quite a bit, I completely disagree with suggestion #2 (providing salary information). If I'm staring at a stack of a few hundred resumes for a single position the second thing I do is eliminate all the ones that aren't at least in the ballpark of the salary I am offering. Give a range if you want negotiating room, that's fine. Some job titles have a huge salary range and I need to know if you think you're a $50K Marketing Manager or a $120K Marketing Manager.

The second thing I do is eliminate any resume without a cover letter. If you're applying at a mid-size company or smaller (too small to use automated resume filtering) your cover letter is what will or won't get you hired assuming you meet the basic skill requirements.

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I always want to vomit when I read the employer's side. How is corporate America doing? They are the ones calling the shots. And they make people go through this silly charade that lasts 30 minutes but impacts both sides for 30 years. The stupidity of the American Corporate Structure is staggering.

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If you were not invited back for a second interview, you are not getting the job!! If you were not offered the job at the second interview, you didn't get the job!! If ******* up and kissing it are the way into a job, you don't want it. Once you prove that you are a "Yes Puppy" you will be a Yes Puppy for the rest of your employment there. You need Knowledge, Skills and abilities worth more than your salary to be any value to an employer. I excused myself and walked out of an interview when they started the psycho-babble line of questions. They called me for a second interview, wondering why I left the interview at a point where they thought that I as the person for this position, An interview is a two way street. You have to fit the requirements for the position and the company has to fit your lifestyle, ethics and beliefs.

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Send a thank you letter or email after the interview. Make sure you get the names of the person or persons conducting the interview and thank each for their time and tell them what a good experience the interview was.

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Exactly, send an e mail, mailing a thank you card is out of date, the US mail takes too long.

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I want to see the ad describing the strategy for when there is one job and like 50 people applying which happens on just about any decent job today. Title it: YOUR TOAST. That is why this advice is so useless, unless looking for a job at a fast food chain.

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Re: "Your toast" - what does my toast have to do with it?

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Jack & Vonee

Most human resource people are lowest on the intellectual spectrum at any one company. Work it accordingly in dealing with them.

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Have to agree, no system for hiring people. I applied to a job where few people had a degree recently and the guy acted like it didn't even matter when I questioned him about it. Although he admitted that I was one of the few with a degree, I never got an interview for the job. There is no system for hiring out there of any fairness, so good luck getting through all the bull.

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jim guynup


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Rodney Phillips

OK, is not a science. Chances are the interviewer is just as anxious as you are, they need a problem solved as much as a position filled. Something in your CV says you may be a fit to do both. Ask for specific problems or responsibilities, and relate your experience and transferable skills to that job. If they are not excited, fall back on the advertised/posted list of qualifications and responsibilities. Time permitting list each item and your fit. I have been a hiring manager...and I needed to get work done so I hired the best fit. Who are these people always seen on AOL interview tips that hire based on subjective attributes like dress, race, gender, hieght, weight, punctuatilty.....I have seen little focus in all these on line helps about..the craft. Every interviewer has a bias, and will ask eliminating questions. Practice STAR/Targeted Selection..I have been in the room with managers that eliminated qualified candidates by..."to fat,cheap suit, weak handshake, poor smile, wrong color, too short..and so on". The short fat lady who was late...and thoroughly detailed her skills and experience on a critical listed function (she wasn't even questioned about) was hired...only after I fought with the room to to explain what they missed. She was the only one who made it about THE JOB.

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