Ten Top Resume Writing Books

Need help writing your resume? If you consider yourself a "do-it-yourself-er" there are a lot of great books on the market that can help you craft a compelling and visually distinct document. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Resume Magic

Filled with "before and after" resume examples that not only teach the author's special method, but also show why they work. "Resume Magic" divulges the secrets of better resume writing from an expert with more than a decade of experience producing powerful, effective resumes.

2. Happy About My Resume

This book offers 50 tips for creating compelling copy and presenting it in a powerful way, to grab the hiring authority's attention and get them to pick up the phone to call you in for an interview. The author provides practical and easy-to-follow advice as well as numerous samples that demonstrate each of her tips in action.

3. Expert Resumes for Career Changers

This collection of resumes is aimed at people who are transitioning from one career to another. The down economy has forced millions of people to change jobs or industries in order to stay employed. This book gives strategies as well as 180 pages of sample resumes for successful career changes. The authors present sound resume-writing advice, including how to create and use an electronic resume. The appendix includes Internet resources for an effective online job search. New for this edition are completely updated resumes, a new chapter on writing cover letters, and a collection of cover letter samples.

4. Best Resumes for $100K+ Jobs

Individuals expecting to make more than $100,000 a year need to craft a very special resume that commands no only attention but a high salary as well.

5. Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work

A collection of professionally written resumes aimed at anyone who has left work for a period of time and then wanted to return. This type of situation requires a particularly unique approach to crafting a resume and presents some unique challenges.

In addition to nearly 200 pages of sample resumes, the authors present sound resume writing advice, including how to create and use an electronic resume. The appendix includes Internet resources for an effective online job search. New for the second edition is a chapter on writing cover letters, as well as a collection of sample letters.

6. College Grad Resumes to Land $75,000+ Jobs

This unique resume book includes 80 examples of resumes written by college students who actually obtained $75,000+ jobs in a variety of occupational fields. The book also includes sound resume writing advice based on the secrets of professional resume writers.

7. Best Resumes & Letters for Ex-Offenders

Addresses special employment issues facing ex-offenders and provides sound advice on how to write, produce, distribute and follow up resumes and letters for overcoming employment barriers.

8. Expert Resumes for Managers & Executives

More than 100 professionally written resumes for people at all levels of management, from front-line supervisors to top-level executives.

9. Best Resumes for People Without a Four-Year Degree

Addressing the unique resume needs of people without a bachelor's degree, this book meticulously illuminates what a resume is and is not, as well as what it should say, and how it should be presented.

10. 30-Minute Resume Makeover

This book is for people who already have a resume and need to update it quickly for a new opportunity.

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two useful resources


Both offer very practical guides and templates.

May 06 2014 at 10:44 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Two useful sources:

http://www.employmentguide.com.au (resume templates and guides)
http://www.resume-solutions.com.au (resume writers, also has a guide)

May 06 2014 at 10:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You can write the greatest resume known to man but this is not last century.

Everyone has a computer. If you see a job posting, other unemployed or under employed people see it also.. They push the "send" button. Hundreds if not thousands of resumes fly into cyber space.

Human Resources at that company only needs 50 to 100 resumes to fill the position. Will they hire extra people to read each and every resume they receive, NO! , They will hit the delete button and you will play Resume Roulette. Like a sperm seeking an egg, only one resume will survive. Will you be one of the lucky 50 to 100 that might be electronically scanned then sorted for a human to read for 30 seconds?

Resumes are great. They organize your thoughts. They profess your value. They give someone a feeling you can contribute something. The resume should inspire you to hire yourself. This is AMERICA. You can be valuable. You can design and customize your value to more than one customer.

When you satisfy a boss he or she is not going to spread the word that you are the greatest employee he or she ever had. Your choice today is NOT to try to find one customer who will pay you for your worth and use you like a human resource. You are gone when the need for you is gone. That one customer, your boss, believes in the "Golden Rule". If he or she has the gold he or she can make the rules.

On the other hand, if you have a value, which is a service or product, you can customize it to your client's specifications offering your perceived "expertise, cheerfulness and integrity". The first sale is the hardest. If you serve that first customer cheerfully and with integrity and give a good value your first customer may advertise for you. It is called "positive word of mouth."

People like nothing better than to spread good news like a great sale at a store or a great dining experiences or great movie they saw. On the other hand they like to warn people if they have been abused or cheated.

I chose to perform in a cheerful manner. If I had employees assisting me they understood I was offering an experience that is rare. The fact that the customer was also getting a great value can only be valuable if the person offering the value has principles.

My principle is similar to Zig Zigler's principle. He said, You could have everything in life if you will just help ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE get what they want. I listened to my mentors and added the "HOW" which is performing cheerfully and honestly. WHY? Common sense! The Golden Rule, What experience would YOU like if you were buying a service or merchandise?

Make that resume, read it, find your value, hire yourself and help enough other people get what they want. If you have questions e-mail Mayoaid@aol.com I mentor people for free. I let time prove me right!

February 01 2012 at 10:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Very useful information, it look's like Barbara did her homework.

November 14 2011 at 12:16 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Typo in description (4. Best Resumes for $100K).. *not (instead of no) ;)

September 12 2011 at 2:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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