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Hello Moto!

Did you leave out the obvious top 3-policeman, fireman & HELLOO air traffic controller! Take commercial pilot off the list please! I worked for United Airlines as an int'l flight attd for almost 20 yrs & the pilots are NOT stressed out because of flying! Maybe stressed out about other more personal matters, but believe me when I say it's called a cockpit for a reason! They are extremely well paid & should be, but stressed out about getting the plane to the layover hotel would not be one of them. They always have "auto pilot" and the "auto pilot" doesn't get paid $200,000 ++ a year for a part time job...that has flight attendants at their beck & call the entire we don't have 350 people in coach waiting to be fed with only 4 flight attendants to do the job (cutbacks) meanwhile calling us up to "the cockpit" in the middle of our dinner service to find out what's new! I flew the long hauls & I am sure it's different for the newer younger guys flying domestically, but I would still argue that the flight attendants are more stressed out than the pilots. After 9-11, we lost at least a flight attendant a cabin, had to start doing "bomb checks" as part of our pre-flight safety checks, (which used to be making sure the oxygen tanks on board were full and that there was enough champagne for first class) Now post 9-11 the pilots are safely locked away with the proper defense tools(shall we say) and the flight attendants are supposed to defend themselves with a couple of soda cans in a pillow case to knock the bad guys in the head? Sometimes I felt like telling obnoxious passengers after 9-11 that I can either serve you coffee or a cocktail with a smile or I can kick your ass with the self defense class I paid for decide because UAL couldn't care less about me! PS...BEHAVE! The flight attendants took roughly 3 pay cuts after more flight hours with less help and have a company (at least at United) that would rather replace you with a newer younger version of you that would take your job &! do it for free! With over 300 applicants for just one flight attd position, UAL was happy to work their flight attds to the bone and in my case got rid of me just a couple years prior to my retirement package, after 17 years of faithful service (and I must say a heck of a lot of fun!) DENIED my return to work after I was on a medical leave of absence to have back surgery and 2 wrist surgeries (all work related) and left me unisurable medically, denied my unemployment benefits and cancelled or denied EACH & EVERY insurance policy I had paid premiums on monthly for almost 20 years. I now need neck surgery & a new hip....I am only 53! UAL made me apply for social security disablity 3 times & finally they told me to hire a pay a lawyer to fight for my SSDI because they weren't going to cough up a dime. My work comp atty is an @ss & sold me down the river! Now that's a stressful job & would NEVER EVER happen to a pilot!

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disagreed! how can they miss doctors?!!

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Joe Demers

Being a teacher is stressful. In a time when more children come from broken or blended homes, teachers are not only expected to make sure "no child is left behind" academically, but we are expected to help them socially, and emotionally. Teachers are being pressured to accept merit pay as well. Teachers cannot hand pick their classes to ensure good performances by students. they take what they are given. While students they work with may improve, students may not improve enough to be at grade level benchmark. As a result, teachers are on the hot seat as to why! Couple all these issues into the ever changing curriculum that teachers need to adapt to, as well as the changes in technology etc.... Late nights in grading, student tutoring, lesson planning and preparation, and professional growth, being a teacher is stressful..... We teach the America of tomorrow! What a responsibility!

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did not see mechanics on list ,, we get very dirty at times ,, we pay for our own equipment (tools) ,, an bust our knuckles all the time ,, training an up-dates never stops ,, an always fighting the weather .. an then have to here about a rattle or noise that turns out to be junk in the car moveing around .. all we here is fix-it till you get the bill .. but the one who fixed it (mechanic ) get a very small amount of that ..

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I think the #1 most stressful job HAS to be Wal-Mart greeter. I mean, what if you greet someone, and he just looks away and doesn't answer you! That's mean.

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1 reply to Scott's comment

Most people probably do look away. Too busy to acknowledge someone they don't know.

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Lisa King-Davis

Um hello did someone forget that the MOST stressful job that deserves the top spot is being a Soldier? These men and women have to not only protect themselves but protect innocent civilians as well as their brothers and sisters in arms. Come home from a war and learn how to be a father or mother all over again, the ropes of being home rather than how to fight for survival. These men and women do deployment after deployment after deployment. Does anyone know what that does to a person? I would assume not unless of course they live this life. My husband is a soldier and to see the day after day and year after year of doing this job STRESSES him out. Yes he chose it BUT he is doing what most men OR women have NO cahones to do!

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Mr. Wonderful

Disagree on "Real Estate Agent". Yes, they are under a lot of stress, but not any more than any other "commission ONLY" salesperson.

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LAME! Not one mention of our military personnel! Try going door to door in an urban combat situation ... or being an EOD technician ... how about the SEAL's who just brought you the carcass of Osama ... or try working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier ... civilians ... and don't even get me started on newscasters ... and pay ... geez ... American civilians ... God ... so many ra-tards ... so few bullets! And Architects?!?! YGTBFSM!!!

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How about school teachers--you put up with 30 little darlings all day, their parents, fellow staff members, the administrators not to mention going home to your family at home. Don;t get me started about us being underpaid-and some teachers have doctorate degrees. I only have a masters so my pay is about the same as medic with maybe a two year degree. Barbara

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