Where Your Boss is Going Wrong

boss If you're confused about what's going on at work and where you're headed, you're not alone. A recent poll reveals that employers are not doing a great job of communicating their strategy to employees and they know they're falling short -- 80 percent of the business leaders surveyed recognize they're not doing their best to communicate.

The survey, conducted for SuccessFactors, Inc. and Accenture, showed that many leaders feel things are changing so rapidly it's hard for them to keep up, let alone plan ahead and communicate everything with their employees. Major factors of change that were cited include global power shifting from West to East, the emergence of new competitors, an aging work force, a growing skills gap, and social-media connectivity.

The research showed just where bosses are going wrong in keeping employees happy, well informed and on the right track:

  • Organizations are failing to monitor, motivate and retain employees. Only 17 percent of organizations know all of its top performing employees and are looking to develop them for future roles.
  • Two-thirds of organizations have a pay-for-performance policy, but of those, only one in five always ensures that rewards are accurately aligned to contribution.
  • Organizations agree there is a need to execute strategy, yet only 20 percent of companies claim to communicate strategy very well internally. Only 18 percent say they are very good at converting corporate strategy into priorities and goals. Just 15 percent are very good at aligning employee activities to corporate strategy.

"Achieving business success in the next economy is more than simply being on the right course or redefining a new strategy. These are merely minimum requirements," said Erik Berggren, vice president of customer results and global research for SuccessFactors. "Specifically, what matters most are the people who will execute the strategy -- many of whom CEOs and senior management will never meet. It is essential for business leaders to align their team's work with the overall business strategy and it is clear that most don't know how to do this effectively."

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Robert DelRaso

I definitely agre to this report. I can relate to this. My boss a good man and respectful at times BUT wouldn't keep you inform ahead of time in telling me whats next and what he expects out of me. I'm doing my job the best I can but I'm still lost - my boss is not communicating well with me. Of course for all companies my boss like others worked like politicians do - they tell you something good then later they screw you up. Today it is bad - leadership has gone down, communication is lost, really employees are NOW working to get their paycheck and thats it - they don't care anytning else - so teamwork is down too. But I definitely blame our goverment - President Obama is no bargain either as a president, Obama has the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT and FORECLOSURES out of all presidents.
Oh yeah when they mention that job unemployment is decreasing thats because people who tried to get a job like they had before for over a year - had forcely took a TEMP/ CONTRACT job so they get at least get by paying thier bills with this crummy temp/contract job. These temp/contract jobs don't pay much and you don't get any benefits - the temp/contract agency do offer thier benefits but thiers really ain't that good. Also if notice the Dow Jone most of the times goes up even with unemployment, foreclosures, and tax increasements thats because our goverment is putting all that investments into Wall Street investments. People in this country DO NOT EVEN KNOW EXACTLY how our GOVERMENT WORKS! People are so party favorite they don't use thier own common sense on political subjects and matters - they vote for who ever is in thier party - NOT FOR THE POLITICAL ISSUE THEY WANT TO SEE HAPPEN! No wonder the people in this country are not going to get a job, a house, and being mre miserable because of thier foolish behaviors. If this country doesn't get stricter and discipline in handling these matters - everyone will definitely lose out! Think about it people its your choice - make the right choice - stop your non-sense about party favorite!

April 25 2011 at 7:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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