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The moment I realized it was time to resign, is when the first thing I would do when I arrived at my job, was to put a target on my back.

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I worked for a major grocery broker based out of the state of Florida. My job was merged with another city and it was down hill from there. Oh wait a minute did I say we had one to many maagers in the city I was transfered to, I was over 60 in age, I received no support from my immediate supervisor because she was illiterate and wanted her girl friend in my position. Yes I quit because of the yelling and untrue things they said about me. My clients knew the real story. I tried to get unemployment but the company qrote a terrbile letter saying basically I was worthless. I did not get stupid over night. In the end I had the last laugh I will take to my grave.

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James Lopez

I knew it was time when my boss told me he could grab someone from the street to do my job. I doubt most people would even know how to use command line instructions in the IT world. That along with the statement "we know workers will leave us because we don't develop their talents" Last straw I'm done in a month! Now to find a real challenge and work with great talented individuals that want to create change

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I have been out of work for almost two years. I was working at a nursing home and was very happy working there for almost two years. For the most part the staff was nice, except for a handful of people. I usually stay out of the way of people that are personally and professionally not happy, they will bring you down in some way. Unfortunately for me two very miserable nurses found a way to get me in trouble for the most ridiculous and made up offense, and I was asked to leave. Long story short my ethical and moral values got me fired. My boss and her boss said it was nothing personal that I was a great worker and not to change, but it was out of their hands and up to the nurse administrator. The nurse administrator had a nickname in this facility as being the 'Ice Queen' and those other two nurses were 'minions'. I am not sure how I lasted as long as I did without knowing this before. Since my departure my old department has had a huge turnover. A few are still there and they hate it. Those two nurses are untouchable, unapproachable and feared by my old department. The reason I have been out of work so long is this is not the first time I have encountered controlling, miserable, moody, unlikeable co-workers and bosses. I know it is impossible to never encounter these kinds of people but I am finding that even on the first interview I can now sense the possibilities of potential problems. I am more aware of key words, the faces of the other employees, the work space, the overall friendliness or non-friendliness of the environment. I also pay attention to how I am feeling during the interview, what thoughts are really going through my mind. Lots of people get jobs from first impressions that are not accurate. Most people want to impress the boss so they do not see beyond their nervousness of impressing the boss. The boss and the environment also need to impress the worker, and so far I have not been impressed. So my job search continues.

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