10 Jobs of the Future

Medical, technology and green jobs dominate the list

jobs of the futureRachel Farrell, Special to CareerBuilder

We know where the jobs are today -- and we definitely know where they aren't. But what about in 10 or even 20 years?

As things like technology, medicine, science and environmentalism continue to advance in the coming years, several occupations are bound to emerge. By understanding these trends, job seekers can play a more active role in planning for their careers.

Some are speculative, some are definitive -- but here are 10 potential jobs of the near or distant future, based on the trends:

01. Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security is a growing industry. Knowledgeable professionals who can protect websites and expose hackers will be a hot commodity in the coming years.

02. Genetic Counselor

Genetics are advancing at a rapid rate. Doctors can now run tests that will predict genetic conditions, and soon, parents may be able to choose the sex of their unborn children. With the help of genetic counselors, families can educate themselves on available genetic technologies and options.

03. Organic Food Farmer

Organic food currently occupies about 10 percent of the food and beverage market -- and it's only going to increase. As a result, more organic farmers and producers will need to improve organic farming techniques and grow the food.

04. Medical Records Administrator

Medical records are at the forefront of innovative technology, with a strong push to digitize medical records. An increased number of medical researchers will be needed to help move records from paper to digital, and to be able to navigate records quickly for patients.

05. Mobile Application Developer

Remember car phones? You know, the equivalent of a cell phone, except that you could only use it in the car and it was the size of a brick? With the development of phones like the BlackBerry, Android and iPhone, the mobile media industry is continually progressing. An increased number of developers will be needed to help develop applications, in addition to combating security and compatibility issues.

06. Robotics Technician

Robots are becoming more commonplace and they don't run on their own. Technicians will be needed to build robots, maintain them and keep them from malfunctioning.

07. Simulation Engineer

There's a simulator for nearly everything these days, from surgeries to flying to drinking and driving. As more simulation-based technologies follow suit, engineers will be required to help out.

08. Social Media Manager

Social media is the new "it" profession. It started with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and has expanded to many other platforms. Organizations are now employing social media managers to oversee their online communities and enhance/protect the company brand.

09. Stem Cell Researcher

Although it's a controversial topic, stem cell research is gaining ground. If this continues, more researchers will be needed to develop cures for diseases, genetic enhancements, and the other information these cells may potentially hold.

10. Sustainability Officer

Sustainability has become a concern around the world and also among businesses. Since the executive suite may not have time to learn all there is to know, organizations are hiring eco-savvy individuals as "sustainability officers." These folks will find, research, and implement eco-friendly policies to benefit the organization.

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Rachel Farrell researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues for CareerBuilder.com. Follow @CareerBuilder on Twitter.

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Chilly Willy

The current market place is changing. Technology based jobs are not only the future but essential to our continued growth. We must educate our own country in order to push foward. While we look for cheep wages over seas the infrastructure of our country fails. We need to prepare for a future at a early level in order to re-shape the nation. Our own nation only comes together with an act of WAR while other nation surpass us in all areas of education. While capitalism is building we are leaving a society behind. Granted, other nation's are not doing as well as we are but, we must educate and treat our citzens in order to remain the model world.

March 10 2013 at 12:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The old way of "making a living" is fast approaching retirement, and the new world of employment, is now emerging pushing out the old order! if one is to flourish in this new view of employment, first, give up your autonomy, your individuality, and join the nameless rabble working in the service sector, where 70% of the marginally educated will find subsistence wages,and marginal benefits! This article points out what is happening to the working person, almost daily! Granted, this gentleman had his issues, that he successfully addressed,but he also came to the realization that the way of life that most Americans have taken for granted,since the second world war,is now becoming a "lost utopia", except for those who "played the system", and either cheated, or swindled others,to become ,as it is said, "the upper 2%" income wise,and achieved such,just recently! It is well documented that these same people will not be in the mind set to "share", either by "social legislation,"or personal inclination!" The attacks on Unions, the traditional working persons voice,is also "under the gun",as people lose there sense of history,and join voices, who have no idea what it is they are losing,much less,what they are giving away! The times,they are a changing!!" It does not appear, for the better!!

March 15 2011 at 9:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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