I interviewed at Wells Fargo Bank

interviewed at Wells Fargo When I interviewed at Wells Fargo Bank in the summer of 2010, my background was mainly in customer service, including a position at the Marriott Hotel in Atlanta.

I applied for a part-time teller position on Wells Fargo's website. I had been banking with Wells Fargo for so long that I knew my bank's branch manager on a first-name basis. In fact, it was the manager who suggested I apply for the job.

Although I was not able to use her name as a reference, since she did not know me personally, I did mention in my online application that an employee had referred me to. Though my preference would have been for a full-time job, this position was currently available and offered me an opportunity to get my foot in the door.

Careful preparation

I received a call from Wells Fargo two weeks later. To prepare for the interview, I looked at their mission statement. I figured they wanted to know if I could count, verses my having an in-depth knowledge about their company. I went over possible interview questions they might ask, such as, "How do you handle pressure?"

I found practice questions to study online. I wanted to make sure I knew what my answers were going to be. I practiced in front of a mirror to see how my facial expressions looked. The only thing I would do differently in my preparations is to research reviews about working for the company. This way I would have had something else to speak to them about.

When I needed to pick out my outfit, I chose my black pinstripe suit. I wore a skirt instead of pants, flesh-toned stockings, and low-heeled pumps. I wore this outfit because I felt it gave me the perfect corporate look of someone who is serious and is willing to work hard.

For my interview, I went to the Wells Fargo corporate building in midtown Atlanta. Upon arrival I signed in, and the receptionist walked me into a large room full of people. The room had so many people waiting to be interviewed that there were no empty seats. After some wait, I finally got a seat -- where I filled out more paperwork, as they had another application for me to fill out. After filling out the paperwork, I attached my extra resume, cover letter and references to the package.

I chatted with the other people who were there to apply for the same job. Each person was looking for work at a different branch of the bank, but mainly everyone was aiming for a teller job or some other customer-service position. We were told to keep our voices down as people who worked for Wells Fargo came in and out of the room, calling people's names. Finally after about two hours, my name was called.

A host of questions

I went into a small office where I met with a female interviewer. She greeted me briefly and apologized for the wait. She explained that there were so many candidates interviewing for jobs, that they were a bit backed up, but that her team was working hard to get to everyone quickly. She asked me a lot of scenario questions: How do I handle stress? What would I do if I knew someone was stealing? She asked if I had ever worked at a bank. She wanted to know what I would do when a customer was angry, how would I tackle that problem. The toughest question she asked was what I wanted from the company. I wanted to say "All I want is a good job!" but I answered "longevity and growth" instead. She seemed to like the answer.

The interview was quick. She shook my hand and thanked me. I took her business card and later e-mailed her a thank-you note. For the record, I felt I was overqualified and still did not get the job.

When going to Wells Fargo for an interview, be prepared to wait. It may take hours, so do not schedule anything shortly after your appointed interview time, as there is no telling when you will actually leave. Dress professionally and explain why the job is important to you. It is important to stress your customer-service skills and how well you manage money, especially if applying for a teller position.

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Horrible company to work for. Without any realistic boundaries and policies. They treat their customers the same way. They will take a customers whole SS check for overdraft fees and fire an employee for giving back too many overdraft fees charged. They will FIRE you for being late when it is not your fault meaning snow, ice, family issue meaning babysitter, or elderly parent who is dying. They say will sorry,. We have policies. Yet they will change the rules for the ones in position of authority. They DO NOT GO THE EXTRA MILE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS OR their EMPLOYEES . They say do not give overdraft fees back that is our bonuses and our trips. That is our free money to play. Yet they will financially devastate a family or single mom or elderly person to fill their greedy pockets. They are looking for ways to add fees and cost the customer and they don't care if it is moral, just, or good BUSINESS practices.

September 09 2014 at 4:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I worked for Wells Fargo and was terminated for excessive tardys 5 meaning being 4 min to 7 min late. I was care taker for my elderly Father and he was very ill. It caused me to be late 5 x's in a 6 month period. I had 100 monitors and excelled in Sales and customer service and was called in by a Regina in Reno, NV and Fired. I was told after 7 years I could re apply and I did and the lady who was very unprofessional and rude named, Branden, said, oh we never re hire if you've been terminated. I could not believe it. I was shocked. I said, its been 11 years and she said, sorry it doesn't matter. I will say this, to be a employee for Wells Fargo you would have to be without any imperfections and human flaws. They do not care if you have an emergency and in emergency or hospital they consider it a tardy even if you live in the SNOW

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I have over 15 years of progressive banking experience and recently had a group interview in South Florida with Wells Fargo. Afterwards the recruiter told us no one would get a call till the following Monday if invited back for a 2nd interview. I was home about an hour and got a call asking me to return the next day to meet with a community mgr. After spending the evening preparing; the next day I recd a message that the appointment was cancelled with a number to return the call. I immediately did so got the recruiters voice mail and left a message for her to see when she wished to reschedule. Well... 3 more messages later Ive given up ;totally perplexed and thinking maybe this is a company I wouldn't want to be part of anyhow if that is how unprofessional they truly are!

July 16 2012 at 2:16 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply
Radigan Company

I interviewed for a position years ago in the Phoenix market as a personal banker or executive trainee. After making it through the first round With a district manager. About a week later I was sent to the main office in the downtown main office. I was to meet with a top person to evaluate my suitability as a candidate. After being kept waiting some 75minutes for a 3pm appointment without explanation, I got up and told the receptionist that I obviously would have to reschedule . Never heard from the company again. Without that experience however,I never would have started my own business some 18 years ago. Wonder what happened to the clown that was supposed to interview me?

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What would I do if I knew someone was stealing? Well then, I'd get over on them right quick like. Depending on who it is, I'd make sure to get something out of it. A little info like that can go a long way in a crooked organization like Wells Far.... GO. Made Off. Far Go.... RIP U. OFF. CHEAT N STEAL. BETRAY US. GREED O RAMA.

July 15 2012 at 10:16 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply
Ataklar Emlak

tekirdağ çerkezköy satıkık arsa

October 10 2011 at 5:21 AM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply

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