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David S.

That is ridiculous. There are plenty of local universities that just about anyone can attend. There are student loans, grants, etc to help pay for the tuition. Not everyone has to attend Harvard to get an education.

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lilarosa gets it! We're a democracy, right? The people have ultimate control here. The reason our government is so corrupt and our nation is in such a sad state is because we allowed it to be. We have grown weak and complacent by overfeeding upon the teet of prosperity, nurtured by our forebears. They knew what it meant to struggle and suffer and fight and die for a better life. They succeeded admirably and passed their hard-fought gift on to us. We, in turn, selfishly exploited and corrupted it until it ran dry. We are now only beginning to see the effects of our greed. Bad as things are, they will only get worse if we don't wake up and start accepting the responsibility of being the greatest nation on earth.

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ralph jones

It's as simple as this: It doesn't matter who is in government,nor who is voted in,they all are screwing us,PERIOD!!! Egypt,Iran,... United States! Yes it's just a matter of time before there's an all out revolt. It's coming,folks.

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I strongly agree with Beanno. I'm from Detroit. As we all know, Detroit got fucked big time. While you spew your comments about how us 'white folks' hire other white folks, nah, that's bullshit. How ironic is it that arabics own all gas stations, well at least in Michigan they do? As stated above, we 'white folks' voted Obama in. Pretty much as I see it, Americans are getting raped by the government. It's sad how I'm 18, just graduated high school yet couldn't even land a job as a cashier. Oh and by the way, I'm one of those 'white folks' :) thanks for Buffalo Wild Wings for giving me a chance. Hopefully we can all pull out of this shit.

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the communist utterd back at the turn of the 1900's when they seized power that american capitalist would make the rope to hang themselfs and dont get me wrong the communist failed themselfs it boiled down to greed and curruption ,china will be next with cival unrest we did have a good system here in the u.s and the lawmakers here have made laws to help themselfs and there buddys we are now to the point unless we get a person or persons to get in washinton and get a movement the only way it will be changed is through a civil war and it will be diffrent this time, there is to many vetrens out there who know how to work a guerrilla war... it will cripple this country for years to recover and the death toll will be unfounded

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You mention big corporations like banks etc, but what about the powerful labor unions who spent millions in the past election. All politicians do what is necessary to get votes to get re-elected. Whether Democrats or Republicans they seem to sell themselves to the highest bidder.

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Tracey Willow

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what if everyone just stopped buying. N don't say we will create more unemployment these huge corporations aren't hiring anyway. Post that India Online.

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