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Phil, You are so correct that direct sales is not for everyone. Like the article states I took a chance.
I worked very hard at the opportunity that was presented to me. Listening and following what other successful people did before me truly helped.
Having parents install in me that if you want something in life you must earn it.
As to the products I have sold I never had to pressure someone into buying.
I always believed in these products and was well versed. Service plays a big important part of my success. I always sold and serviced my customers as if they were family. Offering packages around the client's needs and pocketbooks always made selling easy. Most of my sales come from referred customers and strong follow up.
Setting my goals each day of 150 doors, talk to 50 people, showing the product to 3 people, or selling 1 person was my focus. I would not, could not go home until I achieved 1 of these goals.
Selling has always been a science to me and though I been doing it for over 30 years I am still learning. I enjoy most of all passing and sharing on this knowledge to the next generation of sales people. Hoped this help and inspired!

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I was an Electrolux salesperson for a couple of years.
I was pretty good at the door-to-door stuff (this was when someone would actually let a stranger into their house..).
I sold quite a few vacuum cleaners but I always felt like I had high pressured the people into buying a very expensive (albeit high quality) product that they didn't really need and couldn't afford.
I sure as heck didn't get rich.
I did learn to fix a vacuum cleaner though.

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Hey Sunny: Direct Sales is NOT for everyone. It may not be your cup of tea. I have been in direct sales for years, and have found that it offers me freedom! That is priceless. I am on straight commission so I determine when and where I wish to work. I own the company so I decide how to work. Awesome no?

I would not advise DS for someone with no experience selling. It is the toughest work you'll ever do...if you hate it. Learn how to sell. Find a good company that will train you and offer you a product or service that you can believe in. Now...WORK! Self-employment is the wave of the future. It is a portable skill. You can wake up in any city in America and go to work tomorrow! Best of all. At the end of each day...I know EXACTLY how much I'm worth. The instant gratification that selling provides is a high like no other. Never give up. Never Surrender!

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Bob Cunningham

This guy Cook is a model for success. Sounds like a pretty persistent guy. His background is the all American success story - if you do the right thing and hang in there. Must have a great family of pretty understanding folks. I say this because one could glean the idea that here we have a Ralph Kramdon type from the Honeymooners. 'Will it core a apple?' Not so in that he's not apparently looking for a get rich quick scheme but a genuine life enhancer. Good for him and for the kids he services. Take heed do gooder rich guys - these are the kind of people to back if you want to do some good.

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He may be right . I recall a movie about a guy with cerebral palsy that wasa door to door salesman . Tough jobbut he made a success of it . Very inspiring film

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