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These tips are great for people who are looking for jobs with career potential and who have the types of jobs in the past, which give them relevant experience for the type of job they are seeking now. But what if you have to change career fields? You have no experience in the field in which you are seeking a job? You have no accomplishments that are relevant. Example; former auto assembly line worker seeking a position as a part time child care helper in a nursery school to supplement their income. They went to work everyday for 30 years and installed parts on cars. There were no spectacular career results. No leadership positions. Nothing to brag about. Nothing done in an auto assembly plant would would be relevant or impress a day care director other than the fact that the assembly line worker had a good work record by showing up on time every day for 30 years. Back years ago, showing up everyday on time was something that would impress an interviewer. Now days, not so much. They are looking for a great story teller. The one who gets the job is the one who has the best story. I guess it doesn't matter if it is true or not. The joke would be on the day care director who hires the best story teller only to find out they don't show up or are late once or twice a week. When that happens, what is more important? The wonderful story told in the interview or coming to work every day on time? Interviewers need to rethink their priorities. Those wonderful stories will be of no value later.

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As a former HR and having worked for government for 52 years, I learned that resumes do not completely tell all about an applicant. That is why follow up interviews are so important. We can tell when a resume has been "doctored", and recognize efforts to blow smoke!
Just be honest, and you will get further in your efforts. Hopefully you will succeed.

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@ icdou007: I always worked in hospitals and people in HR checked the facts on resumes. If one were caught lying it was grounds for termination.

@ Victoria L Logan: The business types used to harp on that one page thing, but not so much anymore. They do say now not to list jobs more than 7-10 years past.

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16 Pink

Resume are a joke, so many people lie on them.

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Victoria L Logan

Is it true that your resume should not be more than one page? What size font is acceptable?

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You know how I deal with all the 'resume tips'? Become self employed. The heck with working to make "someone else" money. Aren't you tired of all the manipulative games that employers play with employees? They take all your 'passion' away by beating you down. I say "keep your passion", and be smart and "work for yourself" If you can..and I hope you all can be successful. Follow your passion, follow YOUR dreams, not theirs.

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I agree.Most people I know had crappy resume's and got the best jobs..I never put what I did for a company and my phone always rung. I always put a list of task vs how much money I saved them. These HR people are dumb as hell.Its a never ending cycle with this "fake job advice" crap.You get the best jobs by applying thru your University job board or a referral , anything in between is out of your reach no matter how good your resume is.

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Great advice because it is so specific. Everyone has heard this before but not given "how to" detail that some of us needed - thank you!

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