10 Tried and True Ways to Land that Job

job searchThese days your head is probably spinning with "expert" advice on how to get a job. And just when you need it most, the Five O'Clock Club -- a national outplacement and career coaching organization that helps members find a new job within an average 10 to 12 weeks, and has 25 years of experience and research to its credit -- has a new top 10 list.

Club President Kate Wendleton says it's time to apply some (proven, research-based) methodology to your job search madness.

After all, some people out there are getting hired, even in this dismal job market. "If you're using the right techniques, you will almost certainly find a job," says Wendleton, adding that "online searches and job posts are a very, very small part of the equation. There are so many directions to go in when you start a job search that it often overwhelms people into inaction." She says methodology can help job hunters bring structure to a process that seems random.

Here are some of her top tips:

1. Don't jump in without a plan.

Most job hunters feel like they have to find a new job ... yesterday. And while, admittedly, sooner is better than later, it's important to take the time to do the necessary planning. Answer important questions like: What kind of job do you want? Where do you want to work? Where do you see yourself in five, 10, 15 years?

2. Don't just say, "I'll do anything and everything -- whatever job I can get, I'll take it."

"First of all, nobody wants to hire anyone who is willing to do anything," Wendleton says. "You won't be valuable to those employers, and they won't think you will be truly committed to them. You have to set targets for what you want to do and where you want to work."

3. Set targets -- and keep them in your sights.

Basically, this means narrowing down the industries you want to work in, the positions you want to hold, the geographic areas you're willing to move to and so forth. "Targets are essential because they help drive your search," Wendleton notes. "They take a process that can be overwhelming and give you a course to follow. If you find out that a certain target is not working for you, then you can simply go after the next one."

4. Remember, there's no DIY in "job search."

The big fad is to do everything online, with webinars and other e-learning opportunities. Those aren't bad, but one-on-one and/or small group coaching can help keep you positive and on track. "Job hunters need feedback," says Wendleton. "They need to work with people who can get to know them, give them advice on how to improve their resumes and cover letters, set them straight when they're off track and hold them accountable."

5. "Card" yourself.

Make a 3x5 index card that holds the personalized keys to your job hunting success. It helps you narrow down and stay focused on your most important "talking points." Your card will include the short pitch about yourself to use when you meet a new contact, in interviews, or at other events or meetings.

Here's an example: "I am a marketing manager with 12 years of international experience. In my most recent job, I was able to grow revenue by 20 percent, even in a bad market. The reason I am looking for a job right now is that the company I work for has decided it doesn't want to continue its international operations. I am talking to you because I can see that your organization is very interested in growing internationally."

Your card should also include three or four of your personal accomplishments. And finally, your card should include the one question you are most afraid they are going to ask you along with your answer.

6. Shape your own interview.

The unfortunate reality is that managers who are hiring don't always ask the right questions. When this is the case, as the job hunter, you have to figure out a way to get your strengths and accomplishments into the interview. "You might expect the person interviewing you to prepare just as much as you did for the interview," Wendleton says.

"But that rarely happens. When this is the case, you don't have to surrender to her poor preparation. You can revive the situation by creating your own interview. Use the information on your index card to keep the conversation flowing, and keep it flowing in a direction that works to your advantage."

7. Network with the big dogs.

"One of the problems with the way people network is that they just talk to everyone they know. Unfortunately, everyone they know is in the same field or the same age group as them, and more often than not, they are peers. They might know about jobs at their companies, but they might not have the authority to recommend you to the hiring manager," she says.

"Networking that counts happens when you are contacting people who are one or two levels higher than you are. You're not going to get a job until you talk to the right people who are more senior than you and who will think of you when there is an opening at their company."

8. If an interviewer doesn't "bite," don't toss him back in the water.

In other words, don't just discard someone who tells you his company has no openings. If a person is at the right level and at the right company, he or she is just as valuable to you as someone with an opening. That's because you can ask him this important question: "If you were hiring right now, would you hire someone like me?"

9. Don't be afraid to be a "pest."

Follow up, follow up, and follow up again.

After you interview with a company or meet with a senior-level contact, you need to spend just as much time developing that relationship as you did prior to the meeting. Wendleton advises you to think of it this way: Say there's a kid who wants to get his first job and he goes to his local grocery store. The first week they tell him they aren't hiring. So he goes back the next week and then the next. Finally, the manager agrees to hire him. The same general idea holds true for senior-level people and big companies.

10. If you get an offer, don't assume you're home free.

Aim to have three concurrent offers in the works at any one time. These offers don't have to be jobs that you actually want to take, but having them in the works gives you a psychological edge -- if you have only one thing in the works, the interviewer can tell and you could sound desperate rather than in demand. Having multiple offers also helps keep you positive. It helps you keep your momentum going.

Most important of all, Wendleton advises not to sell yourself short. "You're not just looking for a 'job,'" Wendleton says. "You're taking the next step in developing and shaping your career. Your skills are valuable. You do have something to offer. And somewhere out there is a company that wants and needs that something. You owe it to yourself to do what it takes to find them."

If you need any help implementing any of these steps -- from assessing your strengths, to finding the right coach, or finding a job hunting support group and beyond, The Five O'Clock Club is there for you. The Five O'Clock Club produces its own books, CDs and other learning tools based on research, and its website provides hundreds of free articles and audio recordings on the subjects of job searching and career development.

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Tommy Truth

Everyone keeps complaining about the deplorable economic situation but nothing is being done about it. Our rotten careless government doesn’t give a rats ass. They know their enormous pay and million dollar pensions are guaranteed. Instead of controlling inflation, They kick back and do nothing as prices skyrocket ( Food, Utilities, Healthcare, Taxes, Etc) All they do is laugh and vote themselves BIG pay raises instead of dealing with the problem.

We need to band together and revolt against this evil corrupt government who traded our jobs for favors like campaign contributions (bribes and kickbacks) from all the million / billion dollar companies and corporations. Some people think just because they haven’t lost their job to outsourcing (yet) that it doesn’t affect them. They are so wrong. Not only does the dollar become devalued but what happens when a friend or family member loses their job to outsourcing and can’t support their family. Soon the only way people will able to survive is to steal once the rest of the jobs are gone.

Face the facts, the main reason we have gone into a depression is because so many people are losing there jobs due to the outsourcing. Even people who haven’t lost there jobs yet see the jobs disappearing at a alarming rate and a worthless, lazy, corrupt, evil government who instead of stopping it instead encourages it. The piece of shit government just kicked back a laughed as ALL the large businesses and corporations shipped most of our jobs overseas so they can make a bigger profit. Not only did our government not do their job and stop it, our evil corrupt government gave tax breaks to these multi-million dollar companies .To top it off, a lot of cities are outsourcing government jobs to save money instead of giving them to American workers who need them. This is Fucking insane!

Over seventy-five percent of our Industries have now been lost to foreign countries. Over twenty percent of our domestic jobs are now taken by Illegal Aliens. Almost all credit, financial, and health records of Americans have crossed over at least once to other countries via off-shoring. You don’t find out about it until your identity is stolen. The government says too bad it’s your problem. The government says” So your job gets outsourced or given to an illegal alien, your identity gets stolen and your credit and life is destroyed, a small price to pay to help the filthy rich”.

There’s is ONLY one way to stop the recession. Reverse the outsourcing and bring the jobs back. All the government has to do is increase taxes on companies that outsource and lower or eliminate taxes on companies that don’t. At the same time sharply increase tariffs on imported good especially goods from China and Japan. Level the playing field. Double, triple, or even quad triple the taxes on the companies that outsource. Tax them to a level that forces them to return the jobs to this country. It’s simple as that.

Why doesn’t the government do this. It’s because outsourcing helps the filthy rich get richer and that’s all our government cares about. The government says” we are all rich, our friends and family are all rich, all we care about is the rich. The rest of the country can die in the streets for all we care.” Our government wants a recession so that they can turn us into helpless slaves.

Damn it, almost all the decent jobs have been outsourced thanks to the lazy, corrupt evil, rotten government we have. The mortgage crisis, energy crisis and healthcare crisis would not have happened if the government didn’t have their heads up their asses. They let these businesses do want ever they want no matter how corrupt, dishonest and harmful it is to the nation. They don’t want to interfere with these multi-million dollar companies and corporations yet they want to control what we do in our personal lives. It’s OK to be hungry, sick, suffering and even homeless because there’s no more jobs available (mainly due to outsourcing and illegal immigration) but if you smoke pot, the government will send the cops over to bash your head and throw you in jail. How fucked is that….

People, unless we stop supporting this careless, reckless, rotten to the core government we are all going to be up shit creek without a paddle with our hands tied behind our backs and the government pushing us under. It will be even worse for our children who will forced to live a life of violence and poverty when

January 27 2011 at 12:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth

Face it, the corporations and banks now control our government. They want to eliminate every Goddamn American job either by offshoring or automation. We have the most corrupt government in history which is helping the filthy rich and shitting on the working class. Soon every Goddamn fucking job except shovel ready will be gone. And the shovel ready jobs will be taken by foreigners. Goddamn we're so fucked. Goddamn our sack of shit government.

January 27 2011 at 12:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth

Sears and Macy’s should be sued for age and reverse race discrimination. I worked as a bench technician at a couple different companies for about 18 years but was laid off as most of those type jobs were outsourced overseas..

In 2008 I applied at Sears here in So. California for a service technician
position and took a long test and aced it. When I was called in for an interview
the hiring manager seemed concerned about my age (45) and mentioned a few times about the physical aspects of the job. I assured him that I am in excellent health and could easily handle the work. The next week I called and I was told I was over qualified for the job which of course means I was too old.

Several months later the HR from Sears called me about a appliance inspection type position. Because it had been over 6 months I had to take the test again so I did. When I was called in again for an interview this hiring manager asked if I was bilingual and I of course replied no. He said many of their customers are now Hispanic so they prefer bilingual. Of course I was not hired. They could of atleast had the decency to tell me this upfront that so I didn’t waste several hours of my time.

I had a similar experience at Macy's when applying for seasonal work around Christmas that year..

Total reverse discrimination and age discrimination. it's the same
with most of these companies. If our government wasn't so Goddamn Fucking
rotten and corrupt they would never get away with this crap.

January 27 2011 at 12:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth

What Do Our Politicians Do To Earn Our Tax Dollars ?

Congress, the Senate and the rest of the duchebags that run our government have three main things on their agenda each day.

1: Search for ways to get more bribes and campaign donations
2: Search for new ways to tax us or to raise existing taxes
3: Eat each other’s shit and spew it in our faces whenever they speak

no wonder people want to shoot them and their supporters

January 27 2011 at 12:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth

Why won't they stop the offshoring of our jobs you ask?

What people have got to understand is until we change this "system of favors" things will continue to deteriorate . All the politicians care about are BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS. Every decision is based upon BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS.

Why does the government waste so much money even though the country is in massive debt.? BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS. The more money they spend the more BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS they receive. The more money they allocate the more BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS they receive.

Why does the government give tax breaks to companies that offshore our jobs.?
BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS from the corporations.

Why did the government bail out the banks and allow them to give the people that caused the real estate meltdown to receive billions in bonuses.?

I just saw a commercial for free cell phones and free cell phone service for those that qualify. (safelink it’s called) why would the government dish out millions to pay for peoples cell phone services. BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS from the cell phone company. Last week I was hit by a driver who was talking on the cell phone while driving. They didn’t have car insurance so I’m screwed.. Thousands have been injured or even killed by drivers talking on a cell or texting while driving but the fine is only $25.
Why? Millions in BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS from the cell phone. providers.

The supreme court recently ruled that BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS from the corporation are legal. In fact ruling the corporations control our government now.

The only answer is total revolt unless someone else can come up with a realistic idea to change the system of BRIBES and CAMPAIGN DONATIONS (favor for a favor)

January 27 2011 at 12:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth

God fucking damn, if you're not young and attractive most employers will toss your resume in the trash after the interview. That's how God Fucking damn rotten these employers have gotten. Jesus goddamn Christ.

January 27 2011 at 12:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth

The reality is if you don't have the EXACT experience they are looking for then the employer's attitude is eat shit and die. Days of entry level jobs in America are long gone. Nothing but poverty ahedd for most Americans

January 27 2011 at 12:34 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth


If you watch the news you probably know most of the members of congress like John Boehner are now not just millionaires but MULTI-MILLIONAIRES. We’re talking like 40, 50, 100, 200 or more million in savings and assets. At the same time tens of millions of Americans were and are losing their jobs, savings, homes and have slid into poverty.

This just proves that our country is being run the Goddamn filthy rich, who’s friends and family are also all filthy stinking rich. So of course all they care about is the filthy rich. That’s why every move our government leaders make, every breath they take, is to benefit the Goddamn filthy rich NOT the people that elected them and pay their salaries, the tax payer.

Most of theses MULTI-MILLIONAIRES started off wealthy but after all the bribes, kickbacks and payoffs they received for selling out the people they work for (us), they were able to amass millions. While they did nothing but trade favors for bribes, millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes, savings and ended up on the streets.

This also proves only the rich have any chance of getting elected to these high level government positions. Some people say “well you elected them or we elected them” Well what choices do we have. They all lie, they’re all rich, all their friends and family are rich. Let’s see someone non-rich get elected. There’s no way . The filthy Goddamn rich would never let that happen. If you don’t play their help the rich and piss on the working class and poor than get lost. If someone that’s cares about the people tries to run the rich will crush them and have many times.

The fact is the only way to save this country is a massive revolt. Try and hang every member of all three branches of our government. Replace them with non-rich American’s that will be fair to everyone not just the filthy Goddamn rich like it is now.

And what’s really sickening is while they are all becoming millionaires and multi-millionaires, tens of millions of Americans are becoming homeless and dying in the streets. Anyone that thinks that's cool or fair has their Goddamn head up their Goddamn ass and in nothing but a hunk of fucking human waist.

January 27 2011 at 12:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth


The Chinese president says "why hell should we help USA, we own USA, we buy all off many American congress and senate and they give us all American jobs, then USA mortgage country to China and cannot pay back,, soon we will foreclose and America will become ChinAmerica. Soon all American children will slaves like in China. Don't like it eat shit"

This is why we need to start a revolution now. We can create a new America not ownwd by other countries. Come on peopele get off your asses and let's protest and riot. Is Jarred of Arizina the only American that has the balls to fight back against the government that sold us out ?

January 27 2011 at 12:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy Truth

Jesus Goddamn Fucking Christ,, I've been out of work almost 3 1/2 years and applied at over 2,600 companies. I apply and send out five to ten resumes and fill out several applications EVERY GODDAMN DAY. I have a college degree and three trade school certificates. It's always either I'm under qualified or over qualified (over aged). The problem is I'm in my 40's. and because of the deliberate destruction of the economy (by the fed and Wall street) along with massive unemployment, employers are only looking to hire people 29 or younger. I’ve applied for full time, part time, contract, etc every Goddamn job I can qualify for. I’m not picky, I’ll take anything. I’m registered with thousands of agencies. Occasionally I get a call from an agency but when they submit my resume they say the company wants someone younger. I’ve heard this dozens of times over the last few years.

I'm a hard and reliable worker but I'm been laid off several times over the last 6 years due to outsourcing and because in California they want Hispanics not English speaking whites. God fucking damn our piece of Goddamn shit government for letting the economy crumble while they laugh and live in luxury with their 6 digit salaries and 6 digit pensions. God Fucking damn this Goddamn fucked up country.

If this is a nation under God, than God must have taken a giant steamy dump


the new slogan


January 27 2011 at 12:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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