11 Analytical Jobs That Are in Serious Demand

analytical jobs Forget about jobs with glamour and prestige. These days work, any kind of work, can be highly attractive. One of the sectors that seems to be bouncing back the quickest is the financial industry, opening numerous positions in finance, accounting, and financial services.

According to the 2011 Robert Half Salary Guides, many roles show promise for the coming year with salaries returning to pre-recession levels.

"With companies focused on growth initiatives, accounting and finance continues to remain at the forefront as a means to manage expenditures, improve efficiencies and favorably position organizations for the upswing," said Phil Sheridan, managing director for Robert Half UK.

"Despite high unemployment figures, companies report difficulties sourcing highly skilled professionals, particularly in regulatory compliance, audit and general accounting. Job candidates who bring multiple skill sets, a track record of success and a strong sense of accountability will see compensation gains in the year ahead," Sheridan continued.

Here is an overview of 11 top finance and accounting jobs for 2011:

1. Financial Accountant -- As we emerge from the recession, businesses continue to seek candidates who can perform fundamental duties such as maintaining the general ledger, compiling financial reports and managing cash flow.

--Find Financial Accounting Jobs

2. Financial Analyst -- As companies increasingly seek professionals with strong business savvy, financial analysts who can assess borrowing structures to ensure competitive funding costs will be in demand. Individuals with expertise in evaluating financial plans, forecasts and budgets while also displaying exceptional communication skills will be in greatest demand.

--Find Financial Analyst Jobs

3. Credit Controller -- Companies need professionals who can contribute to the bottom line by reducing inefficiencies and enhancing profitability. As a result, credit specialists who can assist in the evaluation of risk, manage delinquent payments, and help improve cash flow are seeing increased opportunity.

--Find Credit Controller Jobs

4. Assistant Accountant -- With hiring freezes lifting and organizations adding to overstretched accounting teams, companies are recognizing employees by promoting from within. The result is additional opportunity in entry-level roles for individuals displaying exceptional data entry skills and an attention to detail. Assistant accountants are required to match invoices to purchase orders and assist with accounts payable and receivable.

--Find Assistant Accountant Jobs

5. Financial Controller -- Greater understanding of how the finance function fits within the strategic decision-making process has prompted the need for financial controllers who can plan and direct operational accounting functions, improve efficiencies, evaluate controls and develop business performance metrics while also moving the business forward.

--Find Financial Controller Jobs

6. Purchase Ledger Clerk -- Purchase ledger clerks have seen increased demand as organizations carefully monitor business records and ensure that they do not default on payments.

--Find Purchase Ledger Clerk Jobs

7. Regulatory Accountant -- A more stringent regulatory environment and greater need for operational transparency has prompted the adoption of consolidated and harmonized compliance controls. While demand for regulatory accountants has increased, supply remains scarce: 16 percent of CFOs report challenges securing compliance skills.

--Find Regulatory Accountant Jobs

8. Internal Auditors -- Audit continues to be in strong demand in the post-recessionary environment, however a shortage of skilled talent exists. One in four CFOs report challenges finding audit professionals who can prepare reports, evaluate business processes, improve procedures and perform project management of audit teams.

--Find Internal Auditors Jobs

9. Financial Planning Analyst -- Financial planning analysts are required to analyze product lines and organizational costs, prepare profit and loss models as well as perform budget variance and forecasting analysis. Nearly four in 10 (37 percent) of financial services CFOs are challenged in finding qualified accounting and finance staff.

--Find Financial Planning Analyst Jobs

10. Assistant Management Accountant -- The financial services sector is also looking for assistant management accountants with industry experience to help analyze budgets and forecasts as well as provide detailed information and reporting to allow management to make informed business decisions.

--Find Assistant Management Accountant Jobs

11. Client Services - Throughout the banking crisis, the need to provide exceptional client service was never more apparent. As organizations now turn their attention to growth initiatives and revenue generation, client satisfaction is increasingly important and demand exists for professionals with exceptional communication and relationship-building skills.

--Find Client Services Jobs

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I have an Th.B,MAR,MA in Healthcare & Wellness, and I am finishing an MBA in International Business; what is out there when I finish school?

January 27 2011 at 8:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Also, we need to mass boycott corporate america and demonstrate on the lawns of CEO's mprivate houses, not downtown. They fire workers just to buy their kids a new car

January 24 2011 at 2:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

also, there is rampant age discrimination in corpocrap america

January 24 2011 at 2:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You cant get these jobs. the recruiters send you out, then there's the first layer of interviews, then the secdond. and intense competition. Better to be a security guard, taxi driver, or leave america where life is much better

January 24 2011 at 2:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Too bad all the jobs are going to hindu indians and pakistanis

January 24 2011 at 2:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

We need a residency law in New York State!! We had one, back in the 50's and Republican Governer NELSON ROCKAFELLER took it away!! Then the flood gates opened! Everyone from the south came and got onto our welfare system! A residency law of 18 mo. would help our cause in this state!
I realize this topic is irrelevant to this particular situation...but, think about it for wearever you live! Just had to make this comment!

January 22 2011 at 12:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yes all the lobbyists, the campaign contributions, and special interest favors should be made illegal. This is certainly in-patriotic to say the least and all these people should be ashamed of themselves along with our house and senate..
Invest in the US and let other countries like China pay their fair share for security and fighting terrorism to ship their government subsidized made crap around the world...why do they get a free ride? Stop wasting the people's money...No more troops to these far away crap holes like Afghanistan,,use drones and cruise missles instead.
Why cant our government come up with viable ways to spend bail out money on people . jobs and mortgage default relief instead of giving it with no strings to big banks??? Good question...Obviously this is not their priority...

January 22 2011 at 11:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Internal auditors are not always in accounting. I have been an auditor, and trained auditors for a laminator and a foundry....both NON-accounting positions. These people audited quality systems based on ISO and AS9100, military and aerospace procedures. Oh yeah, I wrote those too. Without this quality system in place, many companies have already gone under.

January 22 2011 at 4:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Frankly, guys & girls...ANY job that involves mathematical calculations, organizing files, figures or workloads or has a repetitive function is fodder for a computer program.

One man told me that he was designing computer programs to intentionally and PERMANENTLY replace people.

Then he gave a dry laugh and said, "In the end, I WAS REPLACED by a computer program."

Actually, this is not an amusing situation.

For more clarification and orientation go the Las Vegas Sun's "Letters to the Editor" in the Opinion section ONLINE.

Read "Useless Rhetoric isn't solving the Poverty Problem" by the architect.

Read some of the posted replies by REAL people.

To say that we (as human beings on the working level) are in deep trouble would be understating a very DARK future.

January 20 2011 at 8:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
b poz

More than off sending jobs offshore, is the increase of productivity in the American workplace! The computer has eliminated jobs faster than any other source of employment! Just talk to any person who came into the workforce 25 years ago, or longer! There are no more file clerks,typist's,record keepers,ledger clerks,and on and on! Even manufacturing is now heavily computerized ,using robots to make most skilled jobs obsolete! Yes, these have made life easier,but they have a price to be paid in that jobs are eliminated, or downsized! The only industry seemingly expanding, is the financial or banking firms,those who got bailed out by the government (supposedly us!)and still benefit with free money from the government,while charging the consumer juice loan rates, for credit! We are a bunch of idiots to be out here complaining about this Democrat, or that Republican, when it is now a class war being waged ,in plain site, between the haves, and the have not's!Electing a "have not", is impossible, it takes a rich person to be able to afford getting elected, or at least one who has enough political capital that the party will back you, to "represent" his constituents ! We are seeing the economy of the US going to a purely financial mode, and unless you do go into the discussed jobs, you are going into a big box career for the likely future! Good luck!!

January 20 2011 at 12:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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