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Theodore L. Friedman

Because I am deaf, I communicate via my fax machine and my email address. I can read lips and speak well. I am a senior and I would like to be a helper for anything what you have for me. I live at Delray Beach, FL 33484.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

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Medical Assistant

I like all the 11 fields which provide good job.I have many conflicts in my mind about doing job.All my conflict is solved by reading and reviewing this post.Thanks for such a nice post.
with regards

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This is the best you can come up with? Let's take them one-by-one.
1. Management, scientific and technical consulting services: You're correct, jobs in this field are growing... but not for Americans. More and more companies are outsourcing the jobs offshore. My wife works in IT (has a B.S.C.S.) and I am a mechanical engineer (B.S.M.E.). Both of our companies have laid off numerous people in favor of outsourcing. It would be more tolerable if it was with Americans but the majority are overseas.
2. Computer systems design and related services: See above comment.
3. Social assistance, except child day care: My daughter recently obtained her psychology degree only to find very few offers. The offers she did get were terribly low paying. Occupational therapist may be the exception here.
4. Software publishers: See comment about 1.
5. Scientific research and development services: I agree with you on this one for the most part. However, these jobs are VERY hard to get without an advanced degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) or an extremely high grade point average, +3.80, with an undergraduate degree. Read go to graduate school here.
6. Health care: These are the best options out of the list.
7. Employment services: See comment about 1 accept for construction laborers. Why is that listed here? Was it supposed to be listed in 8?
8. Construction: I think Manufacturing would have been a better title. Yes, there are some jobs here but they are very low paying and susceptible to layoffs.
9. Child day care services: Agree that we need them but the pay is terrible and generally, so are the benefits. Most of these jobs require little advanced education.
10. Advocacy, grantmaking and civic organizations: You have these jobs under an odd title. These jobs are in demand, many because no one wants them.
11. Educational services: Is this a catch-all group? "network systems and data communications analysts; self-enrichment education teachers; customer service representatives; loan counselors; and medical scientists, except epidemiologists"... You have medical scientists (except epidemiologists) in this group? I don't even know what to say about this.

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