Five Ways You Can Help the Unemployed

Last month AOL Jobs ran the personal story of Mollee D. Harper, a young woman struggling with unemployment. Last week we ran another story about an unemployed single mother, Lecher Eady from Marietta, Ga. During one year, Eady, who has triplets in diapers, had been laid off three times and hasn't worked since last August.

Since then, hundreds of readers have e-mailed AOL Jobs asking how they can help. In the spirit of giving, I have compiled a list of ways for you to give back this season (or any season) and help those hit hardest by the economy.

1. Make a donation.

Some of you wanted to ship diapers to Eady. It might be more cost efficient to contact a similar cause in your own community. For example, in North Haven, Conn., is The Diaper Bank, which serves 4,000 people in the area. The same goes for food and cash.

You can also donate clothing the jobless can wear to interviews. For women, try Dress for Success; for men, Career Gear.

No donation is too small or too out of the box. Tell mothers you will babysit when they apply for jobs.

2. Teach online communications.

Job search has moved to the Web, which changes the way we apply and communicate. For example, digitalspeak is quite a bit different from what analogspeak had been. You can ask your local public library if job hunters using the Internet there could use coaching. Other places to pitch your help range from the Salvation Army to Catholic Charities.

3. Encourage starting a business and shop there.

Most of the unemployed will have to create their own job, which is a small enterprise. Teach the jobless what's needed to operate a service that, for example, runs errands for the busy and disabled. Other possibilities are house cleaning, dog walking, and hauling. Use those start-ups yourself.

4. Listen.

Talking is a standard release for anxiety as well as a way to sort out options. Open yourself to just being an attentive audience. People have many of the answers inside them. When they sense you're really paying attention to what they're saying, they will pay more attention to it too.

5. Ask what you can do.

Ask often enough and the unemployed will realize you mean it. They will tell you what they need to get from where they are to back working.

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Idiots, DO YOUR RESEARCH AND LEARN INSTEAD OF JUST RUNNING YOUR MOUTHS! You are ignorant to think that China doesnt have nukes and you are ignorant to believe that a trade embargo would hurt them in the sense that they would starve, you have to remember they are communists and the communist economy, albeit crappy will still provide for its people in the event of something like an embargo. All said and done, I would agree that if the united states, japan and korea did stop buying from china it would screw US, everything in the world is made there< look at your computer or the phone or whatever it is that you are using that you are reading this post on, nearly every componant is made and assembled in china and then shipped here, we dont make anything anymore, and dont be so ignorant to think that we do. Could we survive without trade with china? probably, would it be a horrible technological downturn for us? YES, War is where this is heading and people should be prepared

OK Lets See here.
All you people driving your Cars made in Japan,Korea,ETC ETC.
All The Corporations sending over seas to Japan,China,India,Koria ETC ETC, for the last 20 years where did you so called Americans think this situation was going to end HUH!!
The industrial revolution has ben a carbon based thing eccept the Internet & Computers.

Why not try this get Congress to help open about 12 US Steel mills.
Get NAPA,Advanced Auto Parts,ETC ETC to make all the parts here in the good old (US of A)
Hello people Wallmart,K Mart, Sears, ETC ETC help get Plastics, Steel,& any thing they can think of made here again.
Problem solved Americans working Taxes Being paid Government working 4 the people again.
Just think keep the unions outta the Steel Industry I bet all the old people who R going to be forced to work till they drop would B glad to at least die making goods here in America hell I would.
Just send this E Mail to every hard working American U Know & mayb even a congressmen or women mayb they will try this out.
If every one was aboard I bet the US could turn this problem around in TWO YEARS I BET if it becam the Law of the Land.

December 08 2010 at 7:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sonny said, that Obama has done nothing in two years.
Republicans were given (by you, Sonny, and others who voted for Bush) 8 years to ruin our economy by launching another war and cutting taxes. Bush/Dick combination were handed down prosperous country with su-plus in economy and 70+ cut in welfare. 8 years down the road we were in recession, and Bush went around the Globe with his hand extended borrowing money, with Japan (WWII enemy) and China (Communist country) being top lenders. And now we borrow money from Saudis, who were behind 9/11 attack, and who still provides arms to insergens who kills our solders in Iraq and Afganistan. Were is your pride, America?
Had we had a clear Democratic majority in Senate, we’d be having a public health option (which is long overdue) and tax cut extension wouldn’t be even an option. He HAD to compromise. Republicans made an ultimatum: either that, or we’ll block everything else, including unemployment benefits.
I know what it’s like to be unemployed. And I was a single woman back then with two dogs and a cat to feed. Far it be from anybody, even you, Sonny, although you are, obviously, Obama hater. If it was up to me, I’d say: no tax cut extension to anybody. It hasn’t been working for almost a decade, and is never going to work. We, who has a job, can handle it. My country is in trouble, my fellow Americans, who are out of jobs, do not have money to feed their kids. Heck with the Saudis’ money, let’s all pitch in.
All Republicans in high politics care about is wiping Obama of the face of political arena, at any cost.
What has you done, America, why did you choose those people to represent you?

December 08 2010 at 7:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am unemployed and cannot find a job. I do not get any unemployment benifits. I have no income whatsover. Out goverment is shelling out 43 million dollars a day for people on unemployment. Wouldnt you think they could create some jobs with that money? And what about us unfortunate ones that get no benifits, wheres our slice of pie?

December 08 2010 at 5:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was suprised to see that this was written by a woman. Must not have kids, because anyone who thinks that someone with three kids in diapers "hasn't worked since August" has obviously never had even one kid in diapers.

December 08 2010 at 4:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tommy T


Everyone keeps complaining about the deplorable economic situation but nothing is being done about it. Our rotten careless government doesn’t give a rats ass. They know their enormous pay and million dollar pensions are guaranteed. Instead of controlling inflation, They kick back and do nothing as prices skyrocket ( Food, Utilities, Healthcare, Taxes, Etc) All they do is laugh and vote themselves BIG pay raises instead of dealing with the problem.

We need to band together and revolt against this evil corrupt government who traded our jobs for favors like campaign contributions (bribes and kickbacks) from all the million / billion dollar companies and corporations. Some people think just because they haven’t lost their job to outsourcing (yet) that it doesn’t affect them. They are so wrong. Not only does the dollar become devalued but what happens when a friend or family member loses their job to outsourcing and can’t support their family. Soon the only way people will able to survive is to steal once the rest of the jobs are gone.

Face the facts, the main reason we have gone into a depression is because so many people are losing there jobs due to the outsourcing. Even people who haven’t lost there jobs yet see the jobs disappearing at a alarming rate and a worthless, lazy, corrupt, evil government who instead of stopping it instead encourages it. The piece of shit government just kicked back a laughed as ALL the large businesses and corporations shipped most of our jobs overseas so they can make a bigger profit. Not only did our government not do their job and stop it, our evil corrupt government gave tax breaks to these multi-million dollar companies .To top it off, a lot of cities are outsourcing government jobs to save money instead of giving them to American workers who need them. This is Fucking insane!

Over seventy-five percent of our Industries have now been lost to foreign countries. Over twenty percent of our domestic jobs are now taken by Illegal Aliens. Almost all credit, financial, and health records of Americans have crossed over at least once to other countries via off-shoring. You don’t find out about it until your identity is stolen. The government says too bad it’s your problem. The government says” So your job gets outsourced or given to an illegal alien, your identity gets stolen and your credit and life is destroyed, a small price to pay to help the filthy rich”.

There’s is ONLY one way to stop the recession. Reverse the outsourcing and bring the jobs back. All the government has to do is increase taxes on companies that outsource and lower or eliminate taxes on companies that don’t. At the same time sharply increase tariffs on imported good especially goods from China and Japan. Level the playing field. Double, triple, or even quad triple the taxes on the companies that outsource. Tax them to a level that forces them to return the jobs to this country. It’s simple as that.

Why doesn’t the government do this. It’s because outsourcing helps the filthy rich get richer and that’s all our government cares about. The government says” we are all rich, our friends and family are all rich, all we care about is the rich. The rest of the country can die in the streets for all we care.” Our government wants a recession so that they can turn us into helpless slaves.

Damn it, almost all the decent jobs have been outsourced thanks to the lazy, corrupt evil, rotten government we have. The mortgage crisis, energy crisis and healthcare crisis would not have happened if the government didn’t have their heads up their asses. They let these businesses do want ever they want no matter how corrupt, dishonest and harmful it is to the nation. They don’t want to interfere with these multi-million dollar companies and corporations yet they want to control what we do in our personal lives. It’s OK to be hungry, sick, suffering and even homeless because there’s no more jobs available (mainly due to outsourcing and illegal immigration) but if you smoke pot, the government will send the cops over to bash your head and throw you in jail. How fucked is that….

People, unless we stop supporting this careless, reckless, rotten to the core government we are all going to be up shit creek without a paddle with our hands tied behind our backs and the government pushing us under. It will be even worse for our children who will forced to live a life of vio

December 08 2010 at 3:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
ray dietrich

I dont know what more the employed can do. We are footing the bill for the un employed as it is. The cost of gas, health insurance and every thing else is going up except our salaries. We are not making ends meet. I guess im not very sympathetic for a reason. I'm in HR and I have had a couple of instances where I asked an applicant when can yoyu start and they said "can I start in 3 weeks when my un-employment is up". Needless to say i passed on that person. Still wish everyone the best. Those who truly want to work will hopefully find something.

December 08 2010 at 3:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No. 6 - Tell the unemployed person you understand and realize it's not
his fault he was laid off and certainly can't relate to his or
her situation.

No. 7 - Don't tell the unemployed he should terminate his unemployment
benefits (if he's receiving them) stating there are plenty of jobs to
choose from out there that pay enough and the chances of landing one
are pretty good because all of that is a lie. (I have 2 years of job
seeking experience to prove that.) Instead, volunteer to be a job
hunter for him. After all, he obviously could use the help.

No. 8- Simply compensate the unemployed in some way via whether it be
with groceries, filling up his gas tank, money for utilities, etc. at
least once a month.

December 08 2010 at 1:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Blame Blame Blame ME ME ME.. people seem to forget that the banks cannot pay their bills if their CUSTOMERS are not paying them! American from about 2002 - 2007 lived on credit.. upgraded houses to absurd mortgage amounts, got new cars, dined out constantly, shopped constantly. All I keep hearing in these documentaries is how the average unemployed is 45+.. did they not save ANYTHING for the 25+ years they HAD been working.. Keep blaming the Republicans for your problems.. meanwhile why you have your hands-out and supporting the Democrats.. they are pushing to pass the DREAM Act.. This will IMMEDIATELY allow ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT young adults up to 30 to enter the workforce.. LEGALLY (something they cannot do now..) and even if they have commited document fraud - still will qualify for DREAM ACT. This will be PERMANENT displacement of MOST ALL jobs you would be able to get.. most are college ed (scholarships that SHOULD have been given to AMERICAN Citizen children..) will be their first real job (LOW starting salary..) and will cost about 1/4 for health benefits than the average unemployed worker at age 40+.. so keep bashing the Republicans.. they are the ONLY reason DREAM ACT has not passed this year .. the Democrats are spending time/effort 10:1 for DREAM Act vs. unemployed..

December 08 2010 at 1:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to lynne's comment

I hate to break it to you, dear, but banks and other financial institutions are experiencing the highest profits they have ever enjoyed. Why? Because they are borrowing money at near-zero rates and, instead of loaning it out, they are investing it and making huge profits. (Bonuses currently being handed out are rivaling and exceeding those handed out during their heyday when they were making and trading loans that they knew the recipients could not pay them. When I bought my home, I had to show my latest three federal tax filings as well as pay stubs from my employer, and my bank statements. These clowns that you defend falisfied all manner of financial information and, foolishly, there were some people so desperate to achieved the so-called Americn dream, that they signed what was put in front of them since, after all, they thought they were dealing with "experts" who, as it turned out, were no less evil than the men and women who come to the front door with a gun... exccpt those with the gun were acting more honorably.) How very sad.

December 08 2010 at 3:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i suggest the 47% who pay no federal income tax pay their fair share . . . ease the load on the other 53% who do . . . that way unemployment benefits could be paid until, eventually, social security benefits kick in for the unemployed. sweet.

December 08 2010 at 12:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to azjohnhy's comment

I agree to the making of the 47% that get out paying taxes to do so and help our American people. I myself ran a medium size landscape business for fifteen years when the bottom fell out, I now just do it on side because it fell so hard, I have had two different full time jobs in the past two years and have gotten laid off, At this time I have been unemployed for over three months and unable to get unemployment for some reason, I have been filling out 4-6 online applications a day and have had a couple interviews as I was picked out of the top 10-20 but couldn't hit the number one spot, rather than that I sit here saying why not me please, I am a hard worker that never misses work, loves to work but cant get a job and it hurts, I'm trying to pay my bill's but am haveing trouble and dont know what to do, I just keep saying someone please hire me please, to top the story off my wife got up set with me and didn't feel that I was trying to get a job and could't understand how complicated it is right now and she packed up with the kids and left me hanging I couldn't believe it, So much for the ( better or for worst) I just want these companies across the country to help us all out, every one

December 08 2010 at 1:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
But for the grace of God

I have a solution. All open positions should be filled by unemployed legal US citizens. Sorry, but in the meanwhile those who have jobs will just need to stay in your current position for awhile. You can't tell me that there aren't unemployed people out there with the skills to fill the open positions. I thought companies were being given incentives to hire the unemployed? What happened with that initiative and if this program isn't in place then it should be! Take a look at the unemployment database and match it with all open positions - and start filling those job orders with the unemployed!

December 08 2010 at 12:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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