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Some of you people should be utterly ashamed of yourselfs. What kind of people are you to be so judgemental and high and mighty? I'll have you know that I am 5'1 and weighed 100lb up until I had gotten married at 18 and had my son at 19. I had a difficult pregnancy and gained 30 lbs. During that time I was in an abusive marriage and divorced at 23. Decided to go to college and get a masters which I did by working several jobs. Now remember I was/am considered over weight for my height, yet I put myself through college with no financial aid or welfare for my son and I. I graduated with a masters and honors. I opened my own business which became very successful. Over the years I have had problems with my weight and eventually gained a total of 50 lbs; I was able to retire at the age of 46. I am now going to be 51, have been financially successful for years and will never have to worry about a future with no money, I also never have to work again. I travel around the world, and I am able to spoil my grandchildren. Oh and by the way, I'm still considered over weight!!

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Overeating is an addiction like alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. They eat to feel better. They need a counselor, not a diet. Look at Carnie Wilson. SHe had by-pass surgery and is now fatter than before the operation. THey need a psychiatrist.

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obese or fat is a "choice".....anyone can "change" eating habits to factual things instead of using feelings and desires...
read new book,,,,the great fitness fraud, on amazon

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Oh Boy

I get walk in applicants all the time and anyone morbidly obese is a NO HIRE. Sorry, 80% of you can lose the weight if you had some self discipline, and my business RELIES on people with the highest self discipline, initiative, etc. Male/female, brown/black/white, tall/short, all are welcome as long as you speak English, are here legally, and have at least a few college credits, in fact, only about six of 70+ people here are white males, and none of them are supervisors as they are less credentialled than my average hire. btw, I am a slightly pudgy middle age white male. "Pudgy" is more or less normal, 50+ lbs overweight is NOT.

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brodie wright

This article missed the true cause of less pay because it is trying to be too politically correct. While it may be true that fatter people get less pay, it is not necessarily a cause/effect relationship. The underlying cause of less pay is less-education/ less-motivation. Being fatter is just a side coincidence of being less educated/ less-motivated (Hopefully this is self explanatory). So in truth, being less-educated/ less-motivated has two consequences: fatter and less pay. The article doesn’t want to address real problem of fatties being “dumb slobs” so, instead, it blames low pay on their outward appearance (heavier) rather than their inner inequalities (dumber and less motivated).

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I do not hire fat people. Experience has taught me that they can not keep up and they miss more work. Since I'm the boss-- that's the way it is.

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Simply tell all of the fat people to get in that treadmill, walk their dogs, swim a little and quit putting food in their mouths-if they have a poor self image, that is. Regardless of how many of them claim to have a medical condition, the overwhelming majority simply have bad eating habits and are self indulgent. It is a fact that the USA is the fattest country in the world. And we all can't have bad glands.

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I don't want to be too simplistic, but wouldn't a job help to control a persons weight? It might be a little harder to get hired for some positions, although a regular schedule is going to be healthier.

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I have never seen a homeless Obese person.

People need those meds and have health problems AFTER they have
become FAT.

TV commercials are amimed at mile high food and making it look
irrestible..Junk food, Calories Galore. Hell, gain 10 lbs
just viewing these dammed commercials.

No exercise at all set in front of computer all day
playing computer games and doing chat rooms looking
for someone to bully so to feel superior in their
fat tiny world.

People who hate people tend to eat a lot as a
psychological shield.

All of this is true.

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1 reply to LLawre's comment

Then by your standard, you must weigh about 500 lbs.

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I'm a big guy who's packed on some pounds in adulthood, but I have no more or less trouble getting a job than anyone else. I'm educated, talented, and have always sought to improve my set of professional skills. As a result, I am not unemployed. Sounds like being overweight is an excuse for some people to feel sorry for themselves, and that train of thought will keep people from ever trying. Then again, I can't imagine why fat people feel sorry for themselves and are depressed, they've been told by the health nazis for the last ten years that they are the worst public health risk since smokers, if not worse and are the source of all of society's evils. By the way, if any of you gym-addict meatheads don't like what I look like, you can kiss my freshly washed fat ass! I actually like myself, unlike most people in this shallow and broken country and have no time to wallow in self pity because my stomach looks more like a party keg instead of a six-pack.

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