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Since the beginning of war in Afghanistan, and consequently war in Iraq, thousands of jobs have been created and filled by thousands foreign nationals yet Americans go jobless.

It has been, by and large, an American effort financed by the American Tax payer at the immeasurable cost of (mostly) young American lives, yet very few of these jobs have been made available to the American worker.

With all the Politicians talking about stimulus and infrastructure jobs bills you would think that some sort of measures would have been put in place to ensure that such an enormous investment of American lives and treasure would return to the American citizenry.

With the American economy in shambles and Americans suffering lay-offs and unemployment one would think that even the lamest brained politician would have noticed, that so many positions and jobs needing to be manned in support of the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan have been squandered opportunities to put Americans to work.

So much money has been spent and wasted over so many years in both Iraq and Afghanistan by hiring the cheaper labour of foreign nationals, one would think that some politician would have seen the wisdom of setting these jobs aside for Americans willing to go and support our troops in their efforts while also earning a decent living thus returning the money (our tax dollar) to be spent at home allowing Americans to keep their homes and their livelihood.

Even the most lamest brained politician should have summarized that: American labour, while more expensive, would have been the wiser investment as the Americans working abroad in support of the war effort would inevitably bring these hard earned tax payer dollars back home to American soil to be spent on the American economy and inevitably recycled to once more support our troops in their effort.

How about this for stimulus? Instead of having all these taxpayer dollars (for over so long a period of time) just carted away by the fist full’s by thousands of foreign nationals seeking their fortune at the expense of the American tax payer and the lives and moral of our troops.

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