Six Jobs That Will Earn Extra Money for Holiday Spending


Looking for your next big adventure or simply looking to make extra cash? Consider seasonal employment. It could even be your ticket to discovering a new career while earning money for the holidays. Though unemployment continues for many, the good news, according to a trend report from, is that available holiday jobs have increased by 30 percent since 2009.

But that doesn't mean you have to apply to the nearest mall retailer. In fact, Roberta Chinsky Matuson, president of Northampton, Mass.-based Human Resource Solutions, suggests, "Go left while everyone else is going right. Look for jobs where few people are looking."

The following is a list of holiday job options and their median, hourly salaries according to online salary database,

1. Credit Card Customer Service

  • Median hourly compensation: $12.80
  • Find a job in customer service

People are out shopping during the holidays, Chinsky Matuson says. "This means credit card businesses are busy and may be in need of additional help." If you like working directly with people to help resolve inquiries such as pricing disputes or facilitate credit applications, working with a financial institution could be right for you. Telephone customer service reps help build customer loyalty with card holders by providing prompt and accurate service.

2. Telemarketing

  • Median hourly compensation: $10.30
  • Find a job in telemarketing

If you are enthusiastic and dependable, with a good clear phone voice, and basic computer skills, you may be a good candidate for a telemarketing job. Companies that do a brisk business in holiday gift products often need extra help seasonally to explain goods, deliver prepared sales pitches, and take orders. Some businesses even allow representatives to work from home or a virtual call center.

3. Restaurant Server

  • Median hourly compensation: $4.80
  • Find a restaurant job

Don't let the hourly wage fool you; wait staff can earn a tidy sum in tips -- provided they are personable, efficient, and eager to please. Chinsky Matuson suggests seeking out restaurants located in busy commercial areas or malls catering to weary shoppers.

4. Ski Patrol

  • Median hourly compensation: $11.32
  • Find a job in ski patrol

You don't have to restrict your seasonal job search to companies in your local area. Each year ski resorts from the Alps to the Rockies employ hundreds of people as ski guides. In addition to living and working in a dream location, staffers can often take advantage of discounted lift tickets and reduced prices in ski shops. Some resorts even help their employees find apartments, a boon when most ski town accommodations are flooded with vacationers.

5. Child-care Staff/Babysitter

  • Median hourly compensation: $8.84
  • Find a job in child care

A recent survey by outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray and Christmas found that only 62 percent of companies planned holiday parties last year, down from 77 percent in 2008. Among those still enjoying the festivities, there's going to be an increased demand for child care. If you like spending time with children and have taken a CPR course, you could start by providing babysitting services to little ones in their homes or at local houses of worship during services. If you'd prefer to work at a child-care center or in a nursery at a gym or resort, you may need a license. That would involve passing a background check, getting your immunizations up-to-date, and meeting a minimum training requirement.

6. Tax Preparer

  • Median hourly compensation: $25.24
  • Find a job as a tax preparer

Though Uncle Sam doesn't demand payment until April 15, the best time to start work as a new tax preparer is well before the deadline. Chuck McCabe, CEO of Peoples Income Tax, Inc., notes that preparers are compensated based on performance and production. "It takes a few years to develop a following of satisfied clients," and it takes time to become skilled in tax knowledge and interview techniques, says McCabe.

Source: All salary data is from The salaries listed are median, hourly salaries for full-time workers with 5-8 years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing.

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Since the beginning of war in Afghanistan, and consequently war in Iraq, thousands of jobs have been created and filled by thousands foreign nationals yet Americans go jobless.

It has been, by and large, an American effort financed by the American Tax payer at the immeasurable cost of (mostly) young American lives, yet very few of these jobs have been made available to the American worker.

With all the Politicians talking about stimulus and infrastructure jobs bills you would think that some sort of measures would have been put in place to ensure that such an enormous investment of American lives and treasure would return to the American citizenry.

With the American economy in shambles and Americans suffering lay-offs and unemployment one would think that even the lamest brained politician would have noticed, that so many positions and jobs needing to be manned in support of the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan have been squandered opportunities to put Americans to work.

So much money has been spent and wasted over so many years in both Iraq and Afghanistan by hiring the cheaper labour of foreign nationals, one would think that some politician would have seen the wisdom of setting these jobs aside for Americans willing to go and support our troops in their efforts while also earning a decent living thus returning the money (our tax dollar) to be spent at home allowing Americans to keep their homes and their livelihood.

Even the most lamest brained politician should have summarized that: American labour, while more expensive, would have been the wiser investment as the Americans working abroad in support of the war effort would inevitably bring these hard earned tax payer dollars back home to American soil to be spent on the American economy and inevitably recycled to once more support our troops in their effort.

How about this for stimulus? Instead of having all these taxpayer dollars (for over so long a period of time) just carted away by the fist full’s by thousands of foreign nationals seeking their fortune at the expense of the American tax payer and the lives and moral of our troops.

September 29 2010 at 3:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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