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i would agree but its hard people of alabama cant jobs that illegal Mexicans are taking form us because they will work for almost nothing an don't pay taxes they draw they buy identity's ssn and are a drain on the economy we have people an businesses that will hire 2 or 3 Mexicans for what they can hire 1 us citizen for so how do an American people wake a leaving so i ask what dose it take for the people of alabama to do pleas tell us

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And you ynovaser, are a typical reactive, chip on their shoulder liberal. infideldog made no derogatory statements about "natives" as you put it. He was stating a fact. Many areas of the country suffer wage depression because people from south of the US border come in illegally and work for far less than Americans have been getting. If they come here legally it's one thing, but many of them don't and all Americans are suffering for this. I suggest you do some in depth research about the impact of "natives" on border towns and their services like health care, not to mention the employment issue. However, I doubt you posess the necessary stamina to do any thing that requires actual thought.

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maggee simonton

Great going Mike.

You have brought the world to truth about jobs that most wouldn't take.

The Dirty Jobs......

Come on Mike you made a difference there I'm so glad you are back on the "band wagon" to make the world stand up and take notice!!


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Paul White

I agree that NAFTA should be reviewed and rewritten. It is designed to keep the rich people rich at the cost of the middle class people. When will we quit allowing cheap labor to come in from other countries and large corporations from moving to low cost third world countries?

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Northrop Gruman is not hiring in Florida and Geaogia, there are jobs but ya got to get off your AFDC azz to get it. The papers are full of trade jobs but ya got to get up out of bed in the ams to show up for work, saty at work and do not call in sick everyweek.

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I work for a small post secondary trade school which caters to underprivledged young men right out of high school. The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades located in Media Pennsylvania is in fact tuition free thanks to Isaiah Willimsons endowment. Our placement rate hovers at 99%. Most of our graduates of the three year program are doing quite well and are happy to donate back to the school to keep things going for present a future young men who would not otherwise be able to afford traditional college. We offer six degrees in Power Plant, Horticulture, Carpentry, Machine Shop, Brick/Masonry, and Paiting and Wallcovering. Please pass the word.

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He better be talking union jobs or he will be in big trouble with the ruling class in America.

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You are one of the few workers the UAW couldn't protect, which made you bitter. You'd better change your screen name because it represents a 1954 Hemi-Powered Engine built with UAW labor.

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Stan Howard

We point fingers at illegal immigrants. Interesting there is so much backlash against Arizona's new immigration law. It has been put in a damning light. Maybe, just maybe, the rest of the country will get behind steming the tide of illegal people and workers moving into our country. I still don't understand why people don't know that we are talking ILLEGAL immigrants. Get that, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL!!!!! I have no problem with anyone becoming a citizen of the USA. A citizen has made an effort to become part of our society, not the other way around.
Support Arizona's illegal immigration laws, encourage citizenship, and enforce labor laws, i.e. fine companies that hire illegal people. Have you seen Mexico's position against illegal immigrants? Makes out laws and efforts seem lame and toothless.
I agree whole heartedly that we need trades people, skilled workers, and people who can MAKE something using their hands and their mind. We are facing an impending crisis in this country if we don't turn this trend around.

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As a union operating (stationary) engineer, with spending any time in college I've made over 100 grand a year. That being said my training was extremely intensive and specific to my trade. Anyone who gets involved in skilled trades must realize that there is still schooling involved and it's not always easy.

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