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fedex-jobsChris had wanted to work for Fedex for a long time. He landed his job as a driver for Fedex through perseverance and persistence. He kept in touch with potential hiring managers for some time before he found out that Fedex was hiring in his area.

The interview was cattle-call style. He was one of hundreds of applicants being interviewed for driver positions. All applicants were required to bring a 10-year work history to the interview. Chris knew he needed to stand out from the crowd, so he worked with a resume writer he found through Career Directors International to design a unique and memorable presentation of his qualifications. When it was his turn to hand in his paperwork, the interviewers raved about his creative resume, which built recognition and helped him stand out from the crowd. Despite the fact that the position he was applying for did not require that he wear a suit to work, he wore one to the interview even though most of the other applicants wore shorts and jeans. When the interviewers selected their two newest employees, Chris was one of them and he's been working there for several years.

Chris enjoys working for Fedex. And he's not alone. Fedex has frequently made Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For, Global Most Admired Companies, and America's Most Admired Companies lists. And the company was even inducted into Fortune's "Best Companies to Work For" Hall of Fame in 2005. There are many reasons why Chris enjoys working at Fedex. His top five are below.

1. Flexible hours

Chris has been able to change shifts and take on additional shifts as needed. The flexibility makes it a lot easier to manage the other aspects of his life; plus, it makes his time at work more enjoyable. If he need to attend to something in his life, he knows he has options for getting done what he needs to get done without giving up work hours.

2. Mobility

Fedex makes it easy to transfer to another position in another city or state. They publish a catalog of jobs each week; employees accumulate transfer-eligibility points based on tenure. After 18 to 24 months in one position, employees can explore transfer opportunities.

3. Outstanding benefits

Chris went back to school to earn a degree, and Fedex offered him full reimbursement for every class as long as he received a passing grade.

4. Unusual perks

In addition to receiving significant discounts on shipping costs for packages Chris sends through Fedex, he can also catch a ride to certain destinations on a Fedex plane when there is an available seat.

5. No cubicles

Chris hates being indoors. As a Fedex driver, he is always out and about, meeting a lot of interesting people. His grandfather was a postal worker, and he remembers him enjoying the freedom of not being chained to a desk all day. Chris has known for a long time that he is not destined to be a cubicle warrior.

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Fedex pays package handlers make 150-250 a week, that alone tells you what kind of employees they have. As a contract driver (not route owner) it's barely better than Mcdonalds. Work 5:30 am to 6:00 pm 5 days a week for $500, zero benefits. As a new hire you get 2 uniforms and the keys to a truck with 400,000 miles on it. Fedex is a joke, unless you are one of the 5% that have full time status with benefits.

February 07 2013 at 6:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This poor guy was obviously picked by FedEx upper management for good publicity.
They are just trying to give the impression of a good work environment.
If you like working for FedEx you might also like moving to China and working endlessly
at a chinese factory. If you put in an aplication now best not to put in your college education
because now they are screening out educated people. They want a docile work force that they
pay less.

October 17 2012 at 10:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think FedEx is a horrible company to work for. I know I was not a driver but I felt like adding some info.They only care about their profit margins and thats the bottom line. They consistently keep their stores under staffed so they don't have to pay as much. If you work in the evenings better be prepared to stay late. You can plan on being stuck there till everything is done for the morning. You also should be prepared to say Yes We Can to anything a customer might want even if you know it is not humanly possible and you don't have the equipment to do it. They also try to put so much pressure on you that you will be incredibly scared to use little if any sick time. This leads to often going to work sick and spreading sickness to customers.
They also are on a kick of hiring less educated people so they can start them off at lower wages. I think this is very exploitive and cruel. Anyway, I hope this helps some people out there. If anyone had a good experience working with FedEx than good for you! Maybe the company is different in other places.

October 17 2012 at 9:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

oh hi

October 03 2011 at 4:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This Article is full of BS. My Mother used to work for FedEx And she got hurt TWICE and did FedEx Give a care about it? NO! I asked her to sue them but she said it was too much to go against. She got CVS there (Computer Vision Syndrome) It was hard for me to deal with her. (Note: This was back when i was 13) She had to wear eyepatches, gauves, cover her eyes and wear sunglasses. From the Fans when projected straight towards the workers' faces and the computer screen which was tilted downward and the words were green while the rest was black. She hates fedex so much that I remember she told me "Son, I dont want you to ever work where I work at." and i just nodded...

August 14 2011 at 3:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
cynthia siergiej

Chris you are so full of it
Come to the Chicago Illinois terminals and
see how many home or ground delivery drivers
( independent contractors )
would say to you about all your b.s.
How much did you get for this from Freddie?
You have no idea what is going on.
Do you even know how we get paid?

July 30 2010 at 9:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hardy Har Har...What a joke...I've worked for Fedex for 11 yrs so I think I can comment on this. Every year Fedex makes that stupid list for "best places to work" all of us couriers look at each other and say "wtf!" No one asked me! They must have polled all the people at corporate in Memphis. Apparently, many yrs ago, it was a descent place to work. The long timers told me this. They said you did your job and went home. And you had good pay, profit sharing, pension, jump seat, paid for health care and other nice benefits. But not anymore! And it gets suckier and suckier each year! Now all they care about is numbers. Stop per hour and productivity and things like that. They work you to a frazzle until by the time you're 50 you can barely walk. Every year they take away another benefit. When I 1st started we got a raise every 6 months. Now its once a year. Last year my raise was a whopping 38 cents! ohh boy! Another courier and me figured that I would be topped out at about 85 years old! You use to top out pay in 3 or 5 years. They did away with their traditional pension plan a few yrs ago. why do I keep working there? Because I have to grab every hour of overtime I can get to pay my bills, and this leaves me no time to look for another job. Also, the managers they hire at station level are nothing but glorifed couriers that don't know their butts from a hole in the ground. ( most but not all). They r just yes men for the higher ups and cant make any real decisions. I know for a fact that corporate people and mgt get very large bonuses but they don't feel the couriers and handlers that do the real work are worthy to receive any of this "significant" money. If your going to work in this field you may as well try and get on with UPS where at least you can make some serious money for ruining all your joints and sucking carcinogenic deisel fumes for years. I could write a lot more if I had the time. Two thumbs down for Fedex!

July 29 2010 at 10:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
His experience is real

This article was about my experience, not yours.

I was wrong about the jumpseat privileges. I completely forgot they did away with them.

It is unfortunate that the more vocal of you look at FedEx in such a different light. Sure, I have had less than stellar managers, but I have also had great managers who really care.

When I had knee surgery and then, two years later, shoulder surgery, FedEx benefits took care of me. The vacation time every year doesn't hurt either.

I punch out about 4 o'clock everyday...that seems like a pretty sweet deal.

I have been a handler, a dangerous goods specialist, a driver, a 4/10 swing driver, and a dispatcher....never a manager (not into babysitting).

In 16 years no one has ever told me not to wear my necklace.

I'm not into bashing people for their experiences; I was just sharing mine...

In short, I wouldn't rule FedEx out until you've given it a chance. Your experience could very well be positive like mine. Good luck to you all.

July 28 2010 at 11:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to His experience is real's comment

Hi Chris , I start my ramp training at DTW next week and am looking so forward to joining my new company and team mates , I took a buyout from one of the big three after sixteen yrs. and can tell you that work is what you make it , sure there are ups and down to any company but if your attitude is good and being lazy is not a priority than I say fedex sounds like a good fit , I've had a passion for aircraft all my life and I really apprciate the chance to work in the enviornment I've always felt was my destiny to work in , further more I'm a team oriented person (team leader at Chrysler ) so I look forward to the on time challenges and everything acssotiated with ramp details , I commend your comments on your seemingly good career and hope that I to will have one just as long and my friend , I plan to . Take care...

December 25 2010 at 10:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hey Chris, Nice try buddy! But you're obviously not a real employee. No jumpseat since 911! Oh and that jewelry around your neck??? You're not allowed to wear that while you're working! C'mon Chris, if you love the job so much you should know the rules! Oh and Chris, God Forbid you come down with a horrible illness and need to take time off because you're sick! You won't have a job to come back to. Unless you work when you're half dead! And Chris - God forbid you have a cold like the rest of the world, or the flu and have to take three days off in a row! Uh Uh. Not gonna happen. You have to come in half dead or you won't have a job. Oh and Chris - God forbid you have a family emergency - it's either FEDEX or your family. And you have to pick FEDEX if you still want a job. Chris - lastly - you didn't tell anyone that you're in a hot, 120 degree truck with no air conditioning, AND you have to make all your P1's or else!!!! Who cares that sometimes the truck reaches 140 degrees in the cargo area that you have to go into a hundred times a day. Who cares that sweat is dripping into your eyes so bad it burns and you can't even see. Who cares that you're half crippled because of the job, or God forbid you get hurt on the job!! Does FEDEX Care? No. Just deliver those packages Chris!! Try to pee when you have to all those packages to deliver! Not gonna happen Chris. Going to the bathroom like a human being? Not when you have packages to deliver! Oh and family???? What family? You can't have one at FedEx because God forbid you have to be human! And someone dies, or is hurt or a family emergency come along. Its FEDEX, not family. At least that is how FEDEX is, I don't know what company you work for Chris but it sure isn't FEDEX! You're obviously in that cubicle you say you hate being in!

July 28 2010 at 7:48 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I would like to confirm to the readers of this blog that all the negative statements written by former employees and bloggers in general are TRUE.


As a current employee (courier) i will just clarify to the readers some point's you might not be aware of.......you see fedex has many benefits for there employees but the majority of employees are not able to USE these benefits/Perks, example how would an employee use tuition reimbursment if he/she worked diff. hours each day, at managements discretion.
The flight discount is not even worth mentioning because its a standby ticket and not worth risking not having a seat, after all your givin your vacations one week at a time, your not able to get two weeks in a row. from what i have looked into, when retiring your pension from fedex is nothing to be happy about (now this is what really really bugs me) you can give your best years out of your life to fedex and your pension will be something like 600 to 1000 a month. thats it. what the f%c# is that. after 20-30 years. about the only thing fedex is good for is having a job while single and in college because it offers healthcare even if it is expensive (35 bucks a week plus co-pays),
it beats working for any fast food joint thats for sure.
Friends get an education if you can because this is not a job you would want to make into a career.

July 28 2010 at 6:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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